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What a year ahead for Miss Cayman, Lindsay Japal

Lindsay Japal has an action packed year ahead of her.

The crown that was placed on her head after the ceremony last Saturday looks like it’s pretty heavy. But I’ve no doubt the weight that’s being placed on her shoulders will be much greater.

During the next 12 months she will travel the globe, first to London for the Miss World competition next month.

All the time she will be representing the Cayman Islands in everything she does, and I’ve every confidence she will shine brightly and portray all that’s good about our country.

Lindsay is not just a beauty queen. Her new role has so much more about it than just having a pretty face. Lindsay has become an ambassador for these Islands.

It will be a roller coaster ride for the 23-year-old who says she wants to complete her bachelor’s degree in finance after her stint as Miss Cayman is over.

Lindsay Japal is a fabulous example to all the youth of this country. Sure, we are not all blessed with her beauty but maybe we can learn lessons from her.

She’s focused, determined, hard working, clearly very, very clever and attractive to boot. It would have been a tough call for the judges last Saturday with so many fine contestants on show. I’m glad I didn’t have to choose between the ten young ladies who had all worked so very hard.

Last year’s winner, Cristin Alexander told iNews how much she enjoyed her tenure as Miss Cayman – but admitted it was hard work and she was ready for a new chapter in her life. Lindsay has all that ahead of her now and I’ve no doubt she’s the right person for the job.

But it’s not just Lindsay who has to represent our country, both overseas and on home soil. That responsibility lies with every single one of us. We need to pull together and work hard to show the world what a great place this is.

Good luck Lindsay, I’m sure you will take your responsibilities seriously and, as far as the next 12 months go, enjoy every single minute of it. You will never forget your time as Miss Cayman.


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