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Western Caribbean weather disturbance

Rob Lightbown of Crown Weather says, “I am closely watching an area of disturbed weather in the western and northwestern Caribbean. There is an area of low pressure associated with this disturbed weather and satellite imagery this morning (14) showed some deeper areas of convection about halfway between the Yucatan Peninsula and the Cayman Islands. The NAM model continues to significantly develop this system into a tropical storm over this weekend and forecasts it to be in the extreme northwestern Caribbean by Monday morning as a 45 mph tropical storm.”

None of the other models agree with this. However, Rob says, “I think there is a fairly good chance that we will see tropical development in the western and northwestern Caribbean this weekend into early next week. It likely will not be as strong as the NAM model forecasts.”

Even if this system doesn’t develop it is going to bring heavy rainfall to the Cayman Islands throughout the weekend. So make sure you have your ‘brolly’ with you wherever you go. 2-4 inches of rain is forecast.

For more information and graphics please go to, the National Hurricane Centre at www.nhc.noaa and our local weather station.


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