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The scene of Monday’s murder

In just seven days, four people have been killed and another left fighting for his life.

On Monday, Jason Christian became the latest victim of the senseless gun crime that’s paralysing the Cayman Islands.

For once, his murder didn’t take place on the streets of West Bay but instead in George Town outside a house off Crewe Road.

Another man, Keith Montique, was shot but miraculously survived the attack and has been flown to Miami for emergency treatment.

After he was shot four times, Mr Montique staggered to Crewe Road where he saw a police car.

Detectives then found Mr Christian slumped at the wheel of a white van – the same vehicle, say police, that was used in the robbery of Tortuga Liquor Store last week.

Last Tuesday, Robert Bush was killed in West Bay. On Thursday, Andrew Baptist died after he was shot and, on Saturday, night Preston Rivers was murdered.

Chief Superintendent John Jones said: “It’s clear these have all been assassinations. The brutality speaks for itself.”

So far six people have been arrested but no one has been charged.

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