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WEBINAR in Two Weeks: Financial Planning for Senior Clients

From NU Tax & Financial Planning


Looking to better understand how to plan for your senior clients?

The Financial Planning for Senior Clients webinar will give you a better understanding of the elder care perspective—the 360-degree view you need to make optimum plans for senior citizens and their families in an aging society. Vital elements of the elder care perspective include:

  • Easing the transition of older workers to retirement—or helping retirees make good financial, tax, and estate planning choices for their benefits
  • Choosing and paying for the best housing situation for seniors
  • Making sure that health care, including long-term care, will be available when needed, by planning for Medicare, Medicaid, and long-term care insurance

In this one-hour webinar, author Dana Shilling will discuss her new National Underwriter title, Financial Planning for Senior Clients and the unique needs of this growing segment of society.

Live Webinar:
Date: Thursday, June 30, 2022Time: 2 PM ET | 11 AM PTDuration: 1 hour (Including Q&A at the end) Speaker: Dana Shilling>> Two weeks from today! Reserve your spot now!
If you have questions about the webinar, please contact Eric Petillo at [email protected] 
Meet the Speaker:
Dana Shilling has an A.B. in History from Goucher College, and a J.D. from the Harvard Law School. A useful combination—because the ever-changing rules make a lot more sense in historical perspective. She has worked in the language simplification/ forms design field, which taught her a great deal about how to find the best place to start explaining something difficult and how to convey complex concepts. Her pandemic passion is online jigsaw puzzles, which also taught her a lot about finding patterns. She is retired from the New York bar and now writes full-time. Shilling currently resides in Jersey City.

Financial Planning for Senior Clients
Available formats: eBook + Online and Print. Bundle all three for greatest savings.

Financial Planning for Senior Clients not only examines financial, tax, insurance, and estate planning considerations, it also provides guidance on healthcare choices including Medicare and Medicaid and housing options, such as assisted living and long term care. The guide also addresses issues related to employment, such as the timing of retirement, when to claim social security benefits, and tax issues around IRAs and 401ks. Also covered are the latest laws, such as the required minimum distribution changes and other effects of the Secure Act and the CARES Act.

Case studies provide examples of the issues that retirees and their families face and how and financial planner can address them. Includes a template of questions to ask when discussion a financial plan with a senior client.


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