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‘We won’t fund them’- Cayman minister of sports repeats call for tarnished CIFA executive to step down

oswaldbodden_0From Sportsmax

Cayman minister of sport Osbourne Bodden has held firm to the stance that the Cayman Islands Football Association (CIFA) will not receive another cent of funding from the government until financial regularities are accounted for.

The CIFA was thrown into turmoil in the aftermath of the arrest of then president Jeffrey Webb last year, admits allegations of corruption.

Since then, another of Webb’s associates Canover Watson has been placed behind bars, but the woes of the football body continues.

During an audit of the organisations financials last year, the Ministry of Sports ceased its funding of CIFA after auditors stopped working due to what they claimed was to be financial irregularities.

Bodden insists very much has changed since then.

“At this point we are not resuming funding CIFA, under current conditions. We’re still at a stalemate because we still do not have audited signed off financial statements for that year 2014-15,” Bodden told Cayman 27.

“We simply can’t continue to fund them,” he added.

“After listening and hearing the stuff that came out of the Canover Watson trial, which is now done so we are free to talk about it. We heard about the accusation of money being funneled through CIFA.

“I think that without a doubt in the interest of Football the CIFA executive who has been there and have been involved for a long time, should question themselves. How can you remain there under a could like that? For the interest of football they should do the right thing and the honourable thing.”

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