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War of the Worlds

After watching the movie ‘War of the Worlds’ starring Tom Cruise, I bought a copy of the H.G. Wells book I had read as a child and also downloaded the ‘War of the Worlds’ BBC audiobook from the Internet.

I have to say I was thrilled with the quality of the recording of the audiobook.  It is from the BBC Classic Sci-Fi Radio and has a run time of two hours and fifty minutes.

One of the things that I enjoyed the most of listening to ‘War of the Worlds’ on audiobook compared to the movie is how much eerier it was.  Watching the movie was good, (although I did prefer the 1953 version with Gene Barry) but audiobook was even more enjoyable. Both movies are real eye candy.  However, the audiobook invokes your imagination.  The sound effects being much simpler, but it felt more real.  It made me feel like I was there.

Then I re-read the book. That was better still. My imagination really soared. I couldn’t put
it down.

How many times have you gone to the movies to see a film based on a book you have read and loved, only to be disappointed with the movie? Lots of times with me. This is because your imagination is your own. It is unique and watching and listening to someone else’s is never as good.



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