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Vulture’s GOT endings

37 Culture Creators Predict What Will Happen on Game of Thrones

By Matthew Silver from Vulture

Do you see an Iron Throne victor here? Illustration: HBO

It’s springtime in Westeros! Or at least for the fans, who, praised be the Old Gods and the New, finally get to see just who wins this Game of Thrones. Some predictions, based on a not particularly scientific survey of 37 cultural movers and shakers.

Who Do You Think Will Land the Iron Throne?

46% Daenerys “Khaleesi” Targaryen22% Jon Snow
5% Cersei Lannister
5% Tyrion Lannister

Only Daenerys makes sense. Despite the show’s gloomy Godfatherstylings, its has always believed in the purifying power of goodness, and the two main characters who best embody that philosophy are Daenerys and Jon Snow, who at the end of the previous season were presented as a package deal. And, more importantly, she’s a ferocious liberator with a rich and surprising character arc. Perhaps a more appropriate ending, given the times we live in, would be to have it occupied by the Ice King because the mortals were unable to stop bickering long enough to halt the march of the ghouls. But that scenario seems like a narrative bridge too far.” —Matt Zoller Seitz, New York TV critic

“I hope Emilia Clarke wins. I loved working with her on Last Christmas.” —Henry Golding, actor

The dragons. Not even Daenerys, just the dragons, like just dragons, you know, and they develop their own personalities. There needs to be more dragon representation.” —Ian Owens, actor

No one. (There won’t be an Iron Throne.)” —Nate Jones, Vulture movies writer

If Westeros Were a Sensible, Well-Regulated Society Looking to Install an Effective Government (Instead of Being Ruled by Some Thirsty Combination of the Supernatural, the Dynastic, and the Machiavellian), Who Should Get the Iron Throne?

20% Jon Snow           
14% Daenerys Targaryen          
5% Sansa Stark         
5% The Ice King

“Missandei would rule with patience, passion, and intelligence, and she could be the one to break the endless cycles of corrupt dynastic power that so often throw the Seven Kingdoms into turmoil, war, and death.” —Evan Winter, writer

Who’s Gonna Die in a Big Way?

Photo: Helen Sloane/Courtesy of HBO

22% Cersei Lannister
11% Jon Snow 11% Arya Stark 8% Tyrion Lannister8% Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys. She has to die in a thunderous, wretched way. Because they have to do something surprising. Her dragons will turn on her.” —Elizabeth Wurtzel, writer

Whose Death Did You Find Most Satisfying?

Photo: Courtesy of HBO

11% Joffrey Baratheon and Walder Frey (tie)

“Joffrey! I rewound it three times!” —Yvette Nicole Brown, actor

Whom Do You Want to Bring Back From the Dead?

Photo: Courtesy of HBO

11% Ned Stark
8% Robb Stark5% Hodor5% Catelyn Stark 5% Margaery Tyrell

“Me! No, maybe Robert the King?” —Sean Bean, actor (played Lord Eddard Stark, a.k.a. Ned)

Do You Think Daenerys and Jon Snow Will Make It As a Couple?

Photo: Helen Sloane/Courtesy of HBO

68% No!
32% Yes!

“You don’t need a man when you got dragons.” —Laura Wiggins, actor

“They are gonna go through rough patches, but what relationship doesn’t, right?” —Zoe Renee, actor

“Uh, I don’t know, it’s pretty incestuous. I think there’s definitely gonna be some pressure on the relationship once they find out.” —Corbin Bleu, actor

Who’s the Hottest Couple?

Photo: Courtesy of HBO

14% Jon Snow and Ygritte
11% Brienne of Tarth and Jaime Lannister5% Gilly and Samwell Tarly5% Jaime Lannister and Cersei Lannister5% Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen

“I want Varys and Grey Worm to get together and satisfy each other, as only a eunuch can understand another eunuch’s body.” —Guy Branum, comedian

Whom Would You F***/Marry/Kill Given the Following Options?

Photo: Courtesy of HBO

Jon Snow
47% F***
18% Marry
35% Kill

Daenerys Targaryen
6% F***
71% Marry
23% Kill

Jaime Lannister
39% F***
17% Marry
44% Kill

Marry Jaime, although he only has one hand, because I know I could make him so happy. I don’t know who I’d kill, because all of the evil works so well with the good. And as far as — I’ll keep that to myself, because he’s not listed here.” —Kristin Chenoweth, actor

Who’s Your Favorite Character?

Photo: Helen Sloane/Courtesy of HBO

11% Tyrion Lannister
8% Cersei Lannister8% Arya Stark5% Sansa Stark5% Jon Snow

Margaery, Varys, or Samwell. I love Margaery because you don’t often see the skill set of nonviolent women in a violent society respected, and she’s great at it. I love Varys and Samwell because fantasy books, despite being primarily consumed by bookish fat boys, don’t necessarily write a lot of interesting, capable bookish fat boys. This series has two, one who showed up capable and fully formed, the other who had to grow and earn his status. Sam may be a fat coward, but he killed a White Walker and has done a lot of the work to put Jon Snow on the Iron Throne. I’m proud of him.” —Guy Branum

Who’s Your Least Favorite Character?

Photo: Courtesy of HBO

8% Joffrey Baratheon and Theon Greyjoy (tie)

Melisandre — too much smoke out of her lady parts and not enough fire! Also, she sacrificed sweet Shireen Baratheon and I can’t ever forgive her for it.” —Gail Simmons, chef and writer

The Ice King. His face reminds me of my high-school algebra teacher. Freaks me out.” —Arturo Castro, actor

How Do You Want the Show to End?

Photo: Courtesy of HBO

“I’m pulling for the Wildlings. And the dudes with the biggest beards.”  —Andrew Sullivan, New York writer-at-large

“I want to see the black dragon destroyed.” —Bob Saget, comedian

“Everyone is 20 years older and dropping their children off at the train station.” —Taran Killam, actor

“I truly want the Ice King to take over everything and then stare directly into the camera. Bonus points if the whole world shakes and then we realize it’s all taken place inside a young boy’s snow globe.” —Kathryn VanArendonk, Vulture writer

“To quote Miss Prism, ‘The good end happily and the bad unhappily. That is what fiction means.’” —John Lanchester, novelist

Respondents: John Lanchester, novelist; Sean Bean, actor; Erin Benach, costume designer; Henry Golding, actor; Kristin Chenoweth, actor; John Cameron Mitchell, actor; Bob Saget, comedian; Nate Jones, Vulture movies writer; Aly and AJ Michalka, actors and musicians; Shangela (DJ Pierce), reality-TV star; Evan Winter, writer; Taran Killam, actor; Arturo Castro, actor; Yvette Nicole Brown, actor; Guy Branum, comedian; John Milhiser, actor and comedian; Gail Simmons, chef and writer; Amanda Rothenberg, publicist; Jaclyn Mallon, publicist; Michael May, actor and musician; Ashley J. Moore, publicist; Holly Moffitt, publicist; Jeremy Allen White, actor; Jon Briddell, actor; Laura Wiggins, actor; Zoe Renee, actor; Kathryn VanArendonk, Vulture writer; Jen Chaney, Vulture TV critic; Luka Jones, actor; Aya Cash, actor; Ian Owens, actor; Corbin Bleu, actor; Elizabeth Wurtzel, writer; Matt Zoller Seitz, New York TV critic; Jerry Saltz, New York senior art critic; Andrew Sullivan, New York writer-at-large.

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