July 26, 2021

Vessel towed, ganja found

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Customs Sniffer DogFrom Cayman Islands Immigration and Customs Departments.

Cayman Islands: Customs officers working with Immigration officers seized a moderate amount of vegetable matter resembling ganja on-board a fishing vessel that had been towed into the George Town Harbour on Tuesday 8th March 2016.

The 90-foot vessel, Shiloh, was towed into the harbour due to mechanical issues earlier in the day.

Assistant Collector of Customs Jeff Jackson explained: “The seizure occurred after an initial inspection of the vessel using the Customs K-9 Unit drug sniffer dogs. The Captain was informed of the alerts and what the dogs were trained to detect. A subsequent physical search of the vessel by Customs Border Protection officers found a plastic bag filled with a leafy substance inside music speakers. The substance later tested positive for ganja.”

Two crew members are under investigation in relation to the seizure.

Immigration officials have processed all 32 crew members and temporarily admitted them to the Islands.

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