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Venezuela receives COVID-19 supplies from China

By Caribbean News Global contributor From Caribbean News Global

Vice President Delcy Rodriguez thanked China and the bilateral cooperation between nations. [Photo: Twitter @ViceVenezuela]

CARACAS, Venezuela – Venezuela received 80 tons of humanitarian aid from China on Saturday, the sixth delivery of its kind since the COVID-19 pandemic. “This shipment is a historic step to solidify the relations of both nations” said vice president Delcy Rodriguez.

“We thank president Xi Jinping and the Chinese people represented here by their ambassador for this humanitarian aid that they have provided to combat COVID-19 in our country. More than 800 quick tests arrive in this shipment, technology with machinery and all the accessories to process the PCR tests for the detection of COVID-19, which represents a historic step in building our strategic bilateral relationship,” vice president Rodriguez said at the Simon Bolivar International Airport in Caracas. The shipment also includes health supplies, personal protective equipment for health workers, and two million masks.

The Venezuelan government has received about 300 tons of aid from China. “It is an achievement of the effort of both parties for the implementation of the agreements between President Maduro and Xi Jinping,” China’s ambassador to Venezuela Li Baorong added.

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