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US: Trump Banned Again by Atlantic/Breezeline

From Newsmax

Another big rally this past weekend and Pres. Trump was effectively censored by Atlantic Broadband, now called Breezeline.

As you know Breezeline/Atlantic decided to drop Newsmax while keeping 11 liberal channels on their cable service. None of which carried Pres. Trump’s rally.

Sen. Rand Paul recently urged conservatives to cancel companies like Atlantic/Breezeline in response.

He’s right.

You don’t need their cable service. 

You don’t need their internet service.

You can cancel Breezeline/Atlantic Broadband.

You can urge your friends and family to cancel them.

You can reject their marketing offers.

Be advised that Breezeline is owned by a woke Canadian company whose head of programming is a Joe Biden donor and left-wing ActBlue member.

Breezeline clearly wants your money and business, but not your point of view!

Atlantic/Breezeline has consistently lied to their customers about the cancellation.

They claim we were demanding a fee while the service is free, and they know that’s just not true.

Newsmax is the 4th highest-rated cable news channel and has more viewership and costs less than 80% of the channels they carry!

Please stand up to WOKE companies that support Cancel Culture.

Stand with Newsmax, stand for free speech and your right to get news about President Trump!

Act today by:

1) Calling Atlantic/Breezeline and canceling your service!

Call toll free 1-844-574-8435

Remember to speak with a live agent.

2) Share our web page with your friends and family and get them to drop Breezeline/Atlantic:

IMPORTANT: You can cancel Breezeline/Atlantic not just for video services but their broadband services.

Also, if your residential building takes Breezeline/Atlantic, please get your building board to cancel them!

Help fight Atlantic/Breezeline’s censorship today!


From ieyenews: We have no affiliation with Newsmax but we abhor censorship of legitimate media bodies like Newsmax. ieyenenews has been publishing now for TWELVE years and we support both right and left wing views. We publish news and articles with no bias towards any group. Russia is censoring media by control and lies. Atlantic/Breezeline ………?

Colin Wilson

Editor-in- Chief, ieyenews.


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