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US: Mediabase acquires music dstribution business from All Access

White Plains, NY (October 12, 2023) – In a transformative move, Mediabase has officially acquired the All Access music distribution business unit from Joel Denver, marking a pivotal moment in the evolution of the media industry. This strategic purchase will usher in a new era of convenience by consolidating their services within Mediabase, simplifying the process for users in search of music downloads and the unmatched airplay data Mediabase reports.

By harnessing the collective strengths of both platforms, Mediabase will elevate user experiences and accessibility, solidifying its prominent position as the leader of airplay data. This acquisition exemplifies
Mediabase’s unwavering dedication to innovation and digital media convenience.

Mediabase’s President and CEO, Philippe Generali, seized the opportunity, stating, “Through this integration, Mediabase offers a seamless user experience by providing downloads of broadcast-quality content from our label partners. The power of these collective platforms promises to redefine how industry professionals access and leverage media assets.”

Joel Denver, President/Publisher and the visionary behind All Access, expressed his satisfaction with this segment transition to Mediabase, stating, “I’m elated that Mediabase has acquired All Access. My deepest thanks to the All Access staff for their many years of service, and to Philippe Generali and his Mediabase team for their genuine enthusiasm and passion for our industry-leading digital music distribution service, All Access Downloads.”

About Mediabase:

Mediabase is a leading provider of radio airplay and music charts data, catering to professionals in the music and radio broad-casting industries. It meticulously tracks and reports on songs played across stations throughout the United States and Canada. Mediabase compiles comprehensive data on radio airplay, charts, and audience listening trends, serving as an invaluable resource for record labels, artists, radio stations, and music industry professionals, facilitating real-time performance monitoring and strategic promotional planning.


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