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US best quality life states 1

The states where Americans have the best quality of life, ranked from lowest to highest Part 1

By Mark Abadi From Business Insider

IMAGE: usa flag Getty Images

U.S. News & World report ranked the best states in the US for quality of life.
Quality of life includes the quality of the natural environment, like water and air quality, and the quality of the social environment, like community engagement and voter participation.
Of every state in the US, North Dakota residents have the highest quality of life.

The United States is an enormous country, and quality of life varies from state to state.

But now, thanks to data published by U.S. News & World Report on Tuesday, we can decisively say which state’s residents enjoy the highest quality of life in America.

The rankings, formed in partnership with McKinsey and Company, considered two metrics for each state: its natural environment, comprising drinking water quality, air quality, and pollution and industrial toxins; and its social environment, comprising community engagement, social support and voter participation.

Despite its small population, North Dakota topped the list, with two other Midwestern states, Minnesota and Wisconsin, finishing second and third.

Read on to see where your state ranks:

50. California
Facebook/SF Gate
Natural environment ranking: 44

Social environment ranking: 47

49. New Jersey
Seth Wenig/AP
Natural environment ranking: 32

Social environment ranking: 49

48. Indiana
Natural environment ranking: 46

Social environment ranking: 43

47. Illinois

Natural environment ranking: 50

Social environment ranking: 35

46. Texas
Natural environment ranking: 38

Social environment ranking: 46

45. West Virginia
David Byron Keener/Shutterstock
Natural environment ranking: 47

Social environment ranking: 40

44. Pennsylvania
Natural environment ranking: 45

Social environment ranking: 41

43. Nevada
Natural environment ranking: 30

Social environment ranking: 50

42. Louisiana
Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau / Flickr
Natural environment ranking: 49

Social environment ranking: 31

41. Virginia
Natural environment ranking: 39

Social environment ranking: 44

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