August 8, 2020

Update on COVID 19 for Wednesday, 29 April 2020 – No new cases


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Hon. Alden McLaughlin

200 negative results were announced. These include lab and screening tests conducted by Doctors Hospital as well.

·         Also, 200 persons are in government isolation facilities.

·         International mail by the Postal Service is currently not available.

·         Persons seeking extended vehicle inspection certificate to get their vehicles licensed online should electronically submit their current up-to-date vehicle insurance certificate and their log book.

·         Money transfer companies are allowed to reopen Monday, 4 May 2020 provided they meet requirements of the competent authority that governs their operations.

·         Phase I and Phase II openings are to be finalised tomorrow after Cabinet meets to determine terms of shelter in place requirements going forward.

·         Twelve are declared as the top jingle producers in four categories in the jingle competition.

·         All beaches continue to remain fully closed.

Grand Cayman (GIS) – The Cayman Islands is putting the final touches for limited reopening of some businesses and services starting Monday, 4 May 2020. This is prompted by the continuing good news about no or diminishing positive test results, which in turn show little to minimal spread of the COVID-19 virus through community transmission.

Ongoing test results during this week will further inform Government decisions about the limited Phase One reopening planned for the start of next week.

Money transfer companies will be among those allowed to open on Monday, provided they meet the requirements of the “competent authority” as stipulated by the COVID-19 Regulations.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee reported:

·         The 200 negative test results reported today testify to the efficacy of complete compliance of the protocols put in place. However, social distancing in sports activities need to be improved as not all are practising fully the prescribed social distancing protocols.

  • The laboratories are currently working through backlogs both at the HSA and the Doctors Hospital which came on board end of last week. Currently, testing of both medical and screening samples under Phase One is being provided for frontline medical and healthcare staff and older persons in care homes  on all three islands. Also Phase Two testing is underway for all the population of Little Cayman – some 112 have been conducted so far, as well as for essential workers on Cayman Brac.
  • The Sister Islands’ samples are flown in for testing on Grand Cayman at the HSA lab.
  • People should refrain from smoking since the long term effects of this practice which is one of the biggest killers in the world is severe damage to the lungs.
  • There are no positives in tests at old age homes.

Premier Hon. Alden McLaughlin said:

·         The Postal Service’s international mail service has not resumed yet. 

·         Changes to the Traffic Law which came into effect today allow for persons to renew their vehicle licences electronically for three or six months. For this, they have to submit their log book and current valid vehicle insurance certificate as scanned documents. All vehicles must be insured to renew registration.

·         This submission of documents will help the Department provide extended vehicle inspection certificates and will allow vehicles requiring vehicle inspection to have their licence renewed without the inspection physically being done at this time.

·         Full details are provided below as a separate sidebar.

·         Government met with money transfer companies this week to decide how they could reopen since they perform an important service that many depend on. The outcome is that they will be allowed to reopen operations starting Monday, 4 May from 6 am to 6 pm, Mondays to Saturdays subject to the approval by the competent authority to which they have to submit their operation plans in compliance.

·         Cabinet will meet tomorrow to finalise shelter in place requirements going forward from Monday, 4 May. Until then current requirements remain strictly in place, with whole of Sunday under hard curfew.

·         Government’s Draft Economic Assessment and Stimulus Plan, drawn up following hard work by entities such as the Economics and Statistics Office, will be discussed in Caucus and Cabinet this week A number of individuals and entities in the private sector have contributed, and continue to contribute, to the Government plan.

·         With the tourism industry shut down and borders worldwide likely to be closed for some time, the Islands’ finances are going to take a further beating. The financial services industry is still doing well. Yet the situation for small jurisdictions is concerning.  How to survive until the Islands can reopen and return to a semblance of normalcy is important to Government.  .

His Excellency the Governor, Mr. Martyn Roper said:

·         Governor wished the UK Prime Minister on the birth of his son and noted today’s negative results were welcome news locally.

·         A second flight to La Ceiba is arranged for Friday, 8 May. Call Cayman Airways on 949-2311 to directly book flights. The Honduran Government requiresa medical certificate from each passenger stating “free from COVID 19 symptoms” which should be scanned and emailed to[email protected] for onward transmission to the Honduran Government.

·         A flight to Canada organised by a private individual Ms Nicole Poirier is scheduled for Friday, 22 May. Those wishing to depart on the flight should contact her using details provided on the Governor’s social media pages. Those wishing to arrive on the flight in the Cayman Islands should email [email protected].

·         A flight to Costa Rica has been confirmed this morning, with details forthcoming. His office is also confident that a similar flight will take place to the Dominican Republic. All nationals wishing to leave on both these flights should load their details on the form provided

·         The flight to Nicaragua is still under discussion; however that country has closed borders until the end of June 2020.

·         The 11 security team personnel and one senior adviser to the RCIPS who arrived on the British Airways flight are currently in government quarantine for 14 days, after which they will be tested. They will help in the ongoing crisis as well as the coming Hurricane Season, including access to UK assets in the Caribbean.

·         The UK naval ship RFA Argus will anchor off the Cayman Islands shore next week during which time its helicopter will carry out exercises with the RCIPS helicopter.

·         Governor issued a shout out to the 94 Heads of Department in the Civil Service for their ongoing invaluable service in the frontline as well as behind scenes during this time.

Health Minister Dwayne Seymour said:

·         Minister announced the results of the jingle competition which attracted 101 submissions and has 12 top jingles across the four categories: Public Health-Education and Awareness, Community Solidarity and Togetherness; Hope and Healing; and Support Local. The top submissions will receive $1,200 each and the other 83 qualifying submissions, $150 each. The total awards and support for the local music community through this initiative is CI$26,850. For full details including winners, see sidebar below.

·         He gave a shout out to all who do not currently have transport and yet manage to reach work on time.

·         He announced that DEH will begin collecting garden or yard waste from Monday, 4 May as a temporary measure to help residents. The waste has to be bagged in durable trash bags and set down beside the regular trash for pick up. Each household will be allowed only to put out two bags of yard waste. Those with larger amounts of yard waste should call DEH directly at 949-6699 to book a grab truck at a cost of $100 for disposal at the landfill. On Cayman Brac, garbage disposal is done on the last name basis schedule at the land fill there. For department booked pickup, the fee is $75 per load. DEH will dialogue with those who cannot afford to pay.

·         MRCU is continuing spraying for mosquito control using larvicide and adulticide. Trucks are also out spraying at night and have been doing so for 10 days.


·         Reminder to everyone the hard curfew remains in effect from tonight at 7 o’clock until 5am tomorrow. During this time only essential workers on duty should be on the roads. Public beaches remain closed. Police mobile and static patrols remain in place across the islands to enforce the curfew and shelter in place regulations.

Sidebar: Premier on Remittance Services or Money Transfer Services 

“Earlier this week my officials met with representatives of the money transfer services, namely JN Money Transfer, MoneyGram and Western Union.  Government understands full well that the remittance services are an important service, many people depend on them to send money to their families and friends abroad. 

The operations of these services here are offered in a number of different ways.  Some are set within existing businesses like supermarkets, gas stations and liquor stores.  Some have their own retail space like a bank and as a result it has taken some time to be able to create individual bespoke operations plans for the opening of each of these businesses, in order to ensure that the requisite physical distancing requirements are met and the general safety precautions with respect to the handling of this COVID-19 epidemic. 

I’m happy to say that we have now reached a happy medium and starting on Monday 4th May remittance services will be allowed to open from 6:00 am until 6:00 pm Monday to Saturday subject to the approval by the competent authority of the operational plan for each individual business, which will ensure physical distancing and appropriate measures are in place to reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

The existing soft curfew restrictions  of persons attending using their last name as a basis A-K Monday, Wednesday, Friday and L-Z Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday will apply to attendance at money transfer establishments as well. It will be up to the each of the individual money transfer businesses to ensure that they have submitted their operational plan and have received the approval of the competent authority before they are allowed to open. 

I ask the general public to pay attention to news and social media for announcements from these establishments to indicate that they are in fact open. It doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone will be open on the 4th it is subject to the operational plans having been submitted and approved by the competent authority.” 

Sidebar 2: Premier Outlines Vehicle Inspections and Licensing Guidelines

Guidelines for a Temporary Certificate of Extension (TCE)

As Directed by Cabinet, in accordance with section 142A of the Traffic (Amendment) Law, 2020, the Director of Drivers’ and Vehicle Licensing hereby issue a Temporary Certificate of Extension, and impose conditions and establish procedures for the grant of the extension.

What is a TCE

• The temporary extension of a Certificate of Roadworthiness (also known as the

Inspection certificate).

Purpose of the TCE

• To allow for the six (6) months renewal of a vehicle’s license that will expire

or has (recently) expired and cannot be renewed due to the closure of the

DVDL as a result of COVID-19.

To whom it Applies

• Vehicles with a Certificate of Roadworthiness that has:

o Expired from 1st February 2020 through to 30th April 2020; or,

o Will expire between 1st May 2020 and 30th June 2020.

Effective Date

• 30th April 2020.

How it Works

• Automatically– if a vehicle falls in one of the two categories, the DVDL has

issued an extension.

• Renewal of the vehicle’s license can now be completed online through the

DVDL website:


Print the online transaction receipt for your records & keep it in your vehicle.

• No Inspection fee is due at this time. However, the cost of renewal will be in

accordance with Regulations 27 (4) & (5) of the Traffic (Amendment)

Regulations, 2019.

• Example 1: If a car’s inspection was due on 22nd February 2020, then the new date

for inspection will be around 1st November 2020. Owner can renew online for

either 3 or 6 months and will be charged from 1st May accordingly. Prorated backfee

will apply from 22nd Feb – 30th April 2020.

• Example 2: If a car’s inspection is due on 30th May 2020, then the new date for

inspection will be around 1st December 2020. Owner can renew online for either 3

or 6 months and will be charged from 1st May 2020 accordingly.

• New vehicles, no older than 2019, purchased through a local dealer can be

registered and licensed by dropping the paperwork off at one of the DVDL

offices (in the provided Drop-boxes).

• This will NOT affect the validity of your current policy of insurance; however,

vehicles must be insured in order to renew.

All other vehicles

• Owners should email DVDL Helpdesk for further advice on the

procedure/status of a vehicle that does not fit in specified categories.

[email protected]

It is an offence under section 93(1)(1) to use a vehicle in breach of

construction and use regulations (Certificate of Road Worthiness) – Fine of

$100 or up to $1,000 or to 6 months imprisonment, or to both (s.58 TL).

Who is responsible for the roadworthy condition of the vehicle during TCE?

• The Traffic Law, the Traffic Regulations and the Road Code place this burden on the

owner/driver to ensure that the vehicle is roadworthy at all times when being used on the


• Each time you use the vehicle, always do a physical inspection / check to ensure it is

working properly.

What must a person check for?

• Please ensure that these are working: Brakes, horns, all lights, windscreen wipers (front and back), windscreens (front / back and that they are clean) indicators, battery, steering;

• Muffler/silencer – must be in leak-proof condition and in sound mechanical order;

• Tyre tread:

o tyres (including the spare) – must have a tread depth of 1mm around the

circumference and across 75% of its breadth;

o tyres on the same axle are to be of similar design (no mix tyres); and

o no defective tyres.

Always follow the manufacturer’s booklet or handbook of your vehicle.

• Retention / Production of Certificate

The Certificate must be produced, if required, by a Police Officer or a Vehicle Examiner

appointed by DVDL.

• Validity of the Inspection Certificate

The Certificate is valid for the specified period but renewal options of the licence must fit

within the inspection period. Online renewal is available through the DVDL guest user

portal at or [email protected]

• Responsibility of Roadworthiness

The Traffic Law, the Traffic Regulations and the Road Code always places the

responsibility on the owner/driver to maintain their vehicle in a state of roadworthiness.

• Compulsory Certificate of Insurance or Cover Note

You must have a valid Certificate of Insurance or Cover Note to satisfy the requirements of

The Motor Vehicle Insurance (Third Party Risks) Law/ The Traffic Law and Traffic

Regulations. Any question or query relating to this Certificate should be addressed to or telephone 945-8344.

Remember: Safe driving is everyone’s responsibility.

Sidebar 3: Minister Seymour Announces Jingle Winners

We are pleased at the enthusiastic response to the Jingle Open Call.

We received 101 submissions across the four categories: 

  • Public Health-Education and Awareness
  • Community Solidarity and Togetherness
  • Hope and Healing
  • Support Local

The jingles covered many genres, displayed collaboration, and were a fine example of the creativity here in the Cayman Islands.

The 95 jingles that met the open call criteria were scored by a panel of judges. Then, the top 30 jingles as identified by the judges were screened by a focus group. The judges and the focus group assessed the jingles in seven areas including composition and originality, strong messaging, and alignment with the submission’s category theme.

The panel of judges included educators in music and the arts, leaders from our cultural community as well as representatives from the Ministry of Culture and Health and Celebrate Cayman. The focus group audience included communication specialists, community advocates, and media personalities. 

Ultimately, 12 jingles (the top 3 from each of the four categories) were selected.

Over the coming weeks, expect to hear the selected jingles used on CIGTV, Cayman Islands Government digital and social media channels, and in public service announcements across multiple media including radio and television.

Before announcing the selected jingles, I want to share that the Ministry of Health and Culture along with Celebrate Cayman were so pleased with the overwhelming response to this initiative, we have decided to expand our initial commitment to stimulate local creativity and talent while planting seeds of financial support during this very difficult period. As such, we will be giving each creator of the 83 qualifying submissions an award of CI$150 for their efforts and contribution to this initiative.

To be clear, the creators of the top 12 selections will receive the CI$1,200 award only. The total awards and support for the local music community through this initiative is CI$26,850.

The top selections for each category are:

  • Public Health-Education and Awareness

§  Eden Hurlston – Unna Stay Home

§  J Nez – Stay in Your Place

§  Josh Rice – Stay Home Cayman

  • Community Solidarity and Togetherness
  • Beneil Miller – Caymankind
  • KG Paree – Stay Positive
  • Yvng JJ Together – we Fearless
  • Hope and Healing
  • Beneil Miller – Family
  • Isadora Ferrao – You Gotta Believe
  • KG Paree – Family
  • Support local
  • Beneil Miller – Support Local
  • Edward Smith – Support
  • Jeremy Ethan Burns – Gift Card

Congratulations to all!

To hear the top selections, please visit 

A representative from Celebrate Cayman will be in touch with all entry creators to arrange payments and will send an update via email to all submitting artists within the next two business days by Friday 1st May.

Thank you to the judges and focus group participants for being a part of this initiative. 

Thank you to all musicians and artists who participated. 

Thank you to the entire Cayman Islands for responding so positively to the Jingle Open Call. 

We hope these bursts of creativity will be bright spots beyond the concerning headlines as we go through this crisis, together.”

For the official Cayman Islands Government web portal,

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