October 21, 2020

Unity beyond the cricket field: National anthems, flags and mottos of the Caribbean


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“Unity Beyond the Cricket Field: National Anthems, Flags and Mottos of the  (132 pg) is the title of a new revised edition released by Caribbean born author, educator and evangelist .

The Foreword is written by , famous batsman and former West Indies captain.

It reads in part”. . .Cricket helps to shape our identity as it defines for the rest of the world what it is to be West-Indian, for there is no other sport that collectively grabs the imagination. . .”

The book in its introduction defines the game of cricket as a unifying force of the Caribbean people and draws many parallel for political, social and economic integration in the  Caribbean region.

Former Barbados High Commissioner, , Victor L. Johnson, in his review observed “The Anthology of National Anthems, Flags and Mottos presents for us in a critical mass the motifs which depict the new Caribbean national experience and unfold the inescapable harmony of themes, .  . . which define the passion of our Caribbean patrimony. It should serve to inspire all readers to embrace the unity that these Caribbean symbols postulate, a unity that goes far beyond the cricket field.”

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