June 15, 2021

UNICEF Eastern Caribbean Humanitarian Situation Report, 18 October 2017

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Situation in Numbers

  • 39,000 affected children in need of assistance in Hurricane Irma and Maria-affected countries
  • 19,800 affected children in Dominica
  • 2,900 people in shelters in Dominica
  • 1070 children from Dominica and Barbuda estimated to be integrated in schools in Antigua


  • According to the Post Disaster Needs Assessment for Barbuda, recovery needs are estimated at EC$596 million (US$220.8 million), of which recovery costs in shelters are estimated to be EC$214.9 (US$79 million), in health at EC$19.8 million (US$7 million), and in education at EC$13.2 (US$4.8 million).
  • Education: As of 17 October, some 14,000 children in the affected countries of Anguilla, Barbuda, Turks & Caicos Islands, are attending schools equipped with pedagogical/recreation material. An additional 1,500 secondary school students from Dominica are expected to return to school on 19 October.
  • Child Protection: Some 2,300 children (19 per cent of the target) received psycho-social support, while another 7,115 (18 per cent) children have access to safe community spaces as of 17 October.
  • WASH: 35,750 people (a quarter of the affected population) have been reached by UNICEF with safe water, and 6,500 children have access to functional hand-washing facilities and soap in schools, learning centres and safe spaces. Over 2,920 evacuees in shelters were provided with sanitation and/or hygiene and dignity kits.
  • As of the 17 October one-month anniversary of Hurricane Maria, 2,900 people reside in shelters in Dominica (a slight increase since the previous reporting period) and 207 Barbuda evacuees are in shelters in Antigua.

Situation Overview & Humanitarian Needs

Recovery in Eastern Caribbean countries which were impacted by two powerful category 5 hurricanes between 8 and 18 September 2017 is progressing. One month after the disastrous events, efforts continue to re-establish critical services such as water, electricity and telecommunications in Anguilla, British Virgin Islands (BVI), Dominica, and the Turks and Caicos Islands. While countries affected by Irma – such as Anguilla, BVI and Turks and Caicos islands – have now entered the recovery phase, the focus in Dominica still largely remains focused on emergency support.

A total of 38,987 children have been affected in these countries, and more than a quarter of them are under five years of age. Although national authorities are making significant progress in restoring services for children, many of them are still in need of protection, education, clean water and other critical services.

The draft Post Disaster Needs Assessment for Barbuda confirms a picture of almost total devastation, with an estimated total recovery cost of US$220.8 million. The social services sector was heavily impacted and the recovery cost to the housing stock was estimated at US$79 million, health at US$7 million and education at US$4.8 million. All Barbudan children are now attending formal education in Antigua.

SOURCE: https://reliefweb.int/report/antigua-and-barbuda/unicef-eastern-caribbean-humanitarian-situation-report-18-october-2017

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