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Understanding cosmetic procedures: Top ways to choose the right one

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Beauty means something different to pretty much anyone you ask. When it comes to procedures and alterations made in the name of beauty, there are, not surprisingly, endless options. The following will explore a few key components of choosing the right cosmetic procedure for you, given how many options there are and how much variance there is among them.

Understand You Won’t Look Like Someone Else

First and foremost, it’s vital to understand that no singular cosmetic procedure is going to make you look like someone else. Dozens of cosmetic procedures aren’t going to make you look like someone else. If you get your teeth whitened, you’re going to look like yourself with whiter teeth. If you get hair extensions, you’re going to look like you with longer or fuller hair. If you get Angelina Jolie’s nose on your face, you’re going to look like you with Angelina Jolie’s nose. If you enter into decisions regarding cosmetic procedures with unrealistic expectations, you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

Understand Your Emotional Needs

Some cosmetic procedures are short-term or easily reversible, while others are life-long commitments. When making any alteration to your body, it’s important to be emotionally honest with yourself. If you’re in a heightened emotional state, like you’ve had a recent breakup or just lost a job or loved one, you might want to take some time before diving into a serious procedure. All emotional states are fleeting; how you feel today isn’t how you’re going to feel in the future. That’s not how emotional systems work.

The more long-term a procedure’s results are, the longer you should think about the change before making it. It’s a good idea to journal about the particular procedures you’re considering. Write down how you expect to feel after the procedure is done and healed. Why do you think you’ll feel that way? What if you don’t feel that way? Have you been wrong about how you’d feel in a certain situation in the past? Is there another way to get the feeling you’re seeking without changing your looks? It’s okay if you have to think about these questions for a while before you can answer them. The point is to get you thinking realistically.

Understand The Sessions Needed

Not all cosmetic procedures are done once and then over. Sometimes, multiple treatments are needed, like during the Kybella treatment option or when you get braces and need to visit the orthodontist monthly to have them tightened. Always ask for an estimate of how many sessions you’ll need to get the desired results. This can help you plan financially for the procedures and help you schedule your time appropriately.

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Understand Medical Requirements

Some cosmetic procedures have medical requirements. In particular, procedures that involve surgery come with all the medical risks associated with non-cosmetic surgery. Scarring, excess bleeding, infection, and even death are possibilities. Various lifestyle factors influence the risks associated with surgery. You may be asked to maintain your weight for a certain period of time prior to surgery. You might be asked to quit smoking, at least for the days leading up to and following the surgery. Be sure that a medical professional has gone over all the medical requirements for you if the procedure requires it.

Understand Recovery Requirements

Some cosmetic procedures require recovery time. If this is the case for something you’re considering, it’s a good idea to get clear about what you can expect. You might need to take time off work or have a friend come over and help you with household tasks as you recover. This could affect your finances as well, so sometimes financial planning is a good step to include in your preparation process. 

Beyond this, some procedures take time to ‘settle.’ This means that you might not like the look of the procedure for a little while. It might also mean that you won’t be able to hide that you had the procedure as, in many cases, ‘unsettled’ procedure results are very noticeable.

Finally, you might also have care instructions that need to be followed post-procedure. Tattoos, for instance, can get infected if not properly cleaned. They can also produce dry, itchy skin, so they need to be moisturized with something gentle enough for the mild brokenness of skin that comes with getting a tattoo. Always ask for clear instructions following a procedure so that you don’t miss any important aspect.

The above information should have given you a few key things to mull over as you search for the right cosmetic procedure for you. Again, everyone’s sense of beauty is different. It’s okay if you like the idea of something uncommon or something very common.


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