March 30, 2023

Unclogging Solutions For Different Types Of Blocked Drains

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A blocked drain is one of the most common problems faced by homeowners. In most cases, the unclogging of these drains can be successfully done by several D-I-Y methods. If you feel that even after a few times of your trying to unclog the drain, your efforts have been futile, you must hire the services of a professional plumber. Here we shall discuss the various blocked drain solutions that you can do on your own.

The Most Widely Used Method To Unblock Drains 

  • Hot Boiling Water

Hot water helps loosen and dislodge the blockage. It is especially effective against grease. However, one must remember that this method should be used only for pipes made of metal or ceramic and must not be used in PVC pipes.

  • Solution Of Vinegar And Baking Soda

One part of baking soda, when mixed with double the quantity of vinegar, produces a fizz that is an efficient cleanser. This is a highly effective natural blocked drain solution recommended by all. You can pour hot water down the drain and then pour the solution for even better results. Wait for about ten minutes for it to do its work, and then again pour hot water for thorough cleansing of the pipe.

  • Plunger

This cup-shaped apparatus is placed tightly on the drain so that the hydraulic pressure created helps remove the clogged particles in the drain.

  • Plumber’s Snake

It is used for clogged matter inside the drain that is hard to reach. It is easily available in hardware or sanitary stores. Professional plumbers mostly use it, but you can use it for your drains too.

  • Chemical Drain Cleaners

These cleaners may be effective blocked drains solutions, but they are harmful to the environment and so must be used sparingly, only when the above-mentioned methods do not work. They are easily available in your nearest supermarket and are manufactured by several companies. So, you can have your pick.

Different types of blockages may cause blocked drains. Different types of materials that block drains require different cleaning processes. We shall see the different types of blockages and their best-suited blocked drain solutions.

Common Causes Of Blocked Drains And Their Appropriate Solutions

  1. Hair

The most common reason for blocked pipes in bathrooms is the accumulation of hair. If allowed to build up, it can result in blocked pipes. Hot water with baking soda and vinegar solution dissolves hair particles. A plumber’s snake is also useful for unclogging the drain blocks due to hair. 

2. Soap scum

Soap scum is a slimy substance that sticks to the internal parts of the drain that later causes blocked drains. The most common and effective blocked drain solution, in this case, is pouring boiling water along with baking soda mixed with vinegar solution for the scum to dislodge from the sides and wash away with the hot water.

3. Toiletries And Foreign Objects

Baby wipes and soiled nappies, if flushed, can cause drain clogs. Use a plunger to take them out. Harsh chemicals may work, but they are harmful. In some cases, you may have to call a plumber.

4. Grease

The oil and grease from leftover food and utensils cause the drain to clog. This commonly occurs in kitchen sinks. Dishwasher solution and baking soda and vinegar solution are good home remedies. Caustic cleaners are effective but must be used only as a last resort.

5. Plants And Leaves

Keep the outdoors clean of all debris. Dry leaves and stems can easily penetrate through the drain pipe and clog the drains. Regular cleaning is a must. At times, tree roots extend and cause cracks in drains. 


There are several D-I-Y methods that are effective blocked drains solutions. However, regular cleaning of drains and proper disposal of toiletries ensure fewer instances of blocked drains. If you do so, your blocked drain problem will reduce considerably.

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