April 17, 2021

UK: Modern lifestyle features important in a property, but size and safety still take priority

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By James Lockett

Research by estate agent comparison site, GetAgent.co.uk, has highlighted how a property is more than a place to live, it’s an extension of our lifestyle and reflecting this within our homes is important to 62% of homeowners. 

Whether we’re tech-savvy, environmentally conscious, hands-on, green-fingered, social butterflies or health freaks, our homes are the hub in which we put our own personal stamp on the world. Today, this stamp goes way beyond a lick of paint personalised to our own pallette and we have the ability to tailor every little detail to our own taste.

Getting on the property ladder is the main aspiration for many and GetAgent’s research shows that simply achieving this is enough for 38% of homeowners, with them finding it unimportant that their home reflects their wider lifestyle. 

However, for 45% of homeowners, it is important and a further 17% went as far as to say that it’s very important that their home fits with how they live. 

It’s clear that lifestyle integration ranks high for many homeowners but when it comes to the most important features of a home, there’s no beating the basics. 

GetAgent asked those surveyed to rank the most important things to them in a property and top of the pile was safety, with 24% stating it took priority. 

Size was the most important for 20%, a priority that has been pushed to the top in recent months due to lockdown restrictions. 

Energy efficiency also ranked high, with 19% stating it was the most important aspect of a home. 

8% placed garage and workspace and traditional property features as the most important feature of a house, with 6% prioritising a great garden. 

Social spaces such as a home bar ranked top for  4%, while state of the art media system integration, smart home technology integration and exercise amenities were the most important for just 3% of homeowners. 

Founder and CEO of GetAgent.co.uk, Colby Short, commented: 

“There’s no doubting we’re a house proud nation but the definition of being house proud has certainly evolved over the years. Gone are the days of presenting a pristine show home to impress friends and family and today, we love to put our own unique stamp on our properties in all manner of ways. 

For some it’s energy-efficient improvements such as solar panels, for others a space to get their hands dirty working on their latest project is important. Others prefer to entertain, while the latest technology integration or entertainment system makes some of us tick. 

Whatever it is, we love to spend time at home doing the things we love and so it’s no surprise that they’ve become more of an extension of who we are rather than simply a roof over our heads.”

Survey of 1,041 UK homeowners carried out by GetAgent via Find Out Now (16th March 2021).

How important is it that your home reflects your lifestyle?
Somewhat important45%
Not important at all38%
Very important17%
What is most important to you in a home?
Energy Efficiency19%
Garage or Workshop Space8%
Traditional Features8%
Landscaped Gardens6%
Social Space e.g Home Bar etc4%
State of the Art Media e.g Home Cinema, Integrated Music System etc3%
Smart Home Tech Integration3%
Exercise Amenities e.g. Home Gym, Swimming Pool etc3%


Notes to Editors:

●        GetAgent pulls data from all of the major portals which are then cross-referenced with the Land Registry using their proprietary algorithms and input from partner agents.

●        GetAgent is the UK wide whole of market estate agency comparison website. Analysing performance through data to inform home sellers of the best agents.

●        Founded in 2015 by Colby Short (Stevenson Cartwright; SMG Worldwide) and Peter Thum-Bonanno (Find Properly; Analysys Mason)

●        Backed by Seedcamp, the prolific venture capital technology investor

●        And has to date received over 100,000 enquiries for agents from property sellers to a total property value of £30bn and are now serving over 10,000 enquiries per month.

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