October 24, 2020

Tyson takes on Caribbean


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Season one of Lighten Up will be appearing to nearly half a million viewers across the Caribbean.

Local television host Catherine Tyson will be hitting screens all around the Caribbean from 7th November.

Caribvision, channel 38 on WestStar, will be airing Catherine’s talk-variety show, ‘Lighten Up’, five times a week from Anguilla to the Virgin Islands.

‘Lighten Up’ is the first Caymanian show to be syndicated to another country and now it will showcase the talents of local musicians and inspirational figures to nearly half a million viewers.

Season two is currently airing on Cayman 27 and Catherine is continuing to uplift and entertain with her hilarious, distinctive style.

Catherine lightens up whole Caribbean

Caribvision will soon be airing local variety-talk show ‘Lighten Up’ on 26 channels, to nearly half a million viewers.

From the 7th November, Catherine Tyson, the show’s Host and Creative Producer will be beamed five times a week across the Caribbean and on channels 27 and 38 in the Cayman Islands.

The Chat Centre: (L-R) Rachel Jepolla, Leroy Holness and Catherine Tyson.

The show is the first Cayman produced programme to be syndicated to another country and viewers, critics and the local entertainment community have embraced Catherine for her straight-talking observational comedy.

‘Lighten Up’s second season is currently airing on Cayman 27  and Catherine is continuing to bring her diverse mix of humour and entertainment, whilst tackling topical issues that affect everyone.

“Cayman 27 have just been awesome.  They have been really excited about the show and so accommodating. They have worked extremely hard to ensure its success in Cayman and I am so grateful to them.” Said Ms. Tyson.

Counsellor and comedian, Ms. Tyson, delivers, through her show, a diverse range of local inspirational figures and eclectic local musicians.

“A lot of people contacted me to be on the show this year, which was amazing. Season two has some great guests such as Tracey Seymour, Dr. Steve Tomlinson and Kwame Alexander. As well as music from Bona Fide, Tradewinds and Barefoot Man.” Ms. Tyson added.

Catherine has managed to secure a diverse array of local and international guests such as Charles ‘Killa’ Whittaker.

Filmed in front of a live studio audience, Catherine’s engaging personality and unique take on everyday life often leads to moments of unpredictable fun.

“The chat centre has been hugely popular. I wanted to invite a relaxed and candid environment with balanced points of view. So we have Maria Kennedy, a teacher from Manchester, Leroy Holness, a Jamaican businessman and Rachel Jepolla, a quirky Filipino nanny, as our regular panelists.

“At the moment, it’s one of those moments in my life where I’m just being very still. I don’t know what’s going to happen and I’m just waiting in the stillness to figure out what this really means.

“I’m not the type of person to get too excited and I tend to play things down but when I see it on the channel I’m sure it will seem more real.”


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