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Typhoon Mangkhut

Typhoon Mangkhut rips through Philippines

From BBC

Typhoon Mangkhut has wreaked damage across the Philippines’ main island of Luzon, reportedly killing 14 people.

It made landfall at Baggao in Cagayan Province at about 01:40 local time on Saturday (17:40 GMT on Friday).

Officials said about 1,000 homes in the province had sustained damage.
elderly man in Aparri, Cagayan provinceImage copyrightEPA
Here an elderly resident of the town of Aparri on the north coast of Luzon is seen during the high winds and rain.
The evacuation centre in the town is said to have been destroyed and phone networks are down.
dog among wreckage in Alcala, Cagayan province Image copyrightAFP
The storm packed winds of 185km/h (115mph). Four million people were in its path, and thousands were evacuated amid warnings of 6m (20ft) storm surges.
Homes were wrecked in the town of Alcala…

Tuguegarao airport is damagedImage copyrightREUTERS
… and almost all buildings in the city of Tuguegarao sustained some damage, a government official said, including the city’s airport.
damaged building in LaoagImage copyrightREUTERS
On Luzon’s western coast, buildings in the town of Laoag were also left badly damaged.
residents in floodwaters in San Mateo east of ManilaImage copyrightEPA
Further south there was heavy flooding in San Mateo, east of the capital Manila.
evacuees at an evacuation centre at Marikina east of ManilaImage copyrightEPA
An evacuation centre was set up for those forced to flee their homes in nearby Marikina.
water splashes over a wall on Roxas Blvd in ManilaImage copyrightREUTERS
Manila was also affected, with waves seen here splashing over the sea wall on the city’s Roxas Boulevard.
sea water sucked into the air east of TaiwanImage copyrightAFP/CNA

The typhoon is now moving west towards China. Here sea water is seen being sucked into the air off the eastern coast of Taiwan.

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