July 24, 2021

Twitter and Facebook bans ‘Haven’t silenced me,’ Trump tells Newsmax

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By Cody Derespina From Newsmax

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Despite high-profile Twitter and Facebook bans – that continue to be enforced – former President Donald Trump told Newsmax on Tuesday that social media companies have not succeeded in stifling his voice or muffling his message.

Trump was coy about his reported return to social media, which is believed to be just a few months away via his own app. He was unequivocal, however, that, despite a lack of pithy tweets or Facebook posts, his impact is still felt in the digital space.

“They haven’t silenced me,” Trump told Heather Childers on “American Agenda.”

Trump also joked about an unexpected benefit to his bans.

“I’m not getting into trouble because I don’t retweet people that, after you do massive research, you find out maybe you shouldn’t have,” Trump said.

Childers noted the bans have gone so far that a recent interview Trump gave to The Right View with his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, was even removed from Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagram.

Lara Trump and her husband, Trump’s son, Eric, have posted a letter from the social media giants in which a representative said the interview was removed because Trump’s voice was “not currently allowed on our platforms (including new posts with President Trump speaking).”

Trump admitted Facebook may be too big at this point to feel the wrath of any disaffected conservative users; however, he took direct aim at Twitter. That app had previously been Trump’s most-used social media platform and, on it, he often broke news of White House hirings and firings – and even major world developments – typed out by the Oval Office occupant himself.

“Twitter’s become very boring … many people have left,” Trump said.

Trump took partial credit for helping turn Twitter into a juggernaut – and, especially during his four years in the White House and throughout the campaign that landed him there, Twitter was a must-use app for any reporter, or person, who wanted to know on a real-time basis what Trump was thinking.

Said Trump: “When I went on Twitter years ago, it was like a dead company.”

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