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Triple C students experience surveying first hand in the Cayman Islands

Students observing the surveyorsOn Thursday, June 11th, Erick Cronier Ltd Survey Company visited Triple C’s Grade 10 & 11 Math class where the students were able to apply their learning of Trigonometry to survey a property. The students received first hand application of using a GPS, the Robotic Total Station and the Global Navigation Satellite System to verify if their manual computations were correct.

Amina Aitmessaoud, Grade 11 said “I found this project valuable because we got to have hands on experience with something we may be considering as a future career.” Jacie Mascarenhas, Grade 10 student expressed that she is already starting to think about what to look out for and what to do when she purchases a property, based on this experience. Joseph Graham, Grade 10 student, shared that the experience was surprisingly interesting and that he might consider learning to be an engineer in the future. Nathaan Whittaker, Grade 11 student said, “The applications were invaluable!” “I feel that I’ll be making wiser decision when investing in properties or when dealing with land surveyors in the future.”

Students working with the surveyorsMrs. Sonia Gordon, Math Teacher, said, “as a teacher nothing is more satisfying than watching students actively engaged in learning and to finally hear them acknowledge that classroom lessons were valuable.” “Students were able to use trigonometry in the classroom to prepare for their field work and they found it quite exciting to use technology to confirm what they did, I didn’t have to answer their usual question ‘how is this useful I’m life’.” It will definitely be one of their more memorable lessons.”

Picture 1: Students observing the surveyors
Picture 2: Students working with the surveyors


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