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Triple C School – Class of 2014

2014 Graduate CollageA weekend of celebration culminated in the Commencement Exercises for the twenty seniors graduating from Triple C School. Starting with an induction into the Alumni Association on Saturday evening at the Night of the Arts concert and a Baccalaureate Service on Sunday night, the high point of their celebration was receiving their diplomas and certificates at the Commencement Exercises on Monday, June 9th from the Hon. Franz Manderson, the Deputy Governor.

At the Baccalaureate Service, Laura McLaughlin, Class of 2003 was the keynote speaker.   At the beginning of her speech, Laura reminded the graduates that at her 2003 senior farewell ceremony they were the 1st grade class that presented a book of advice to her class (the book of advice presentation to the graduating class from the first graders is a Triple C tradition). So, to speak at their graduation was a special treat especially since her youngest brother was one of the graduates. Laura gave the graduates three key points to hold close. First, remember to pray and talk to God. Second, make friends when you go off to school or stay at home. Laura encouraged the graduates not to be afraid to open their hearts to new people. In her college experience, God reminded Laura that God is the God of all nations. And lastly, be strong and do not give up! In the midst of life’s challenges praise God and push through the hard times.

For the Commencement Service, the Chairman of the Board, Mrs. Vanessa Godfrey-Banks, welcomed all the family members, friends, and well-wishers of the graduates at the Church of God (Holiness) Red Bay church. Once again, the service began as robed faculty, with candles symbolically lighting the way, processed to the sides of the church and formed a receiving line.

Tamara Tanis, graduating with a 4.159 average, delivered a very heart-felt Valedictory address. Tamara spoke about her experience at Triple C and the relationships that she has built with her classmates. Tamara said, “Knowledge is something not to waste.” She came to embrace this concept through her experiences and relationships with classmates. Tamara was also a recipient of the Creative Christian Character award and in her speech that she gave at the Baccalaureate service, shared that in third grade she gave her life to Christ and God has always been the center of her life.     Lorena Morejon, Salutatorian, gave a very emotional speech, taking time to recognize everyone who played a key role in helping her get where she is today.

Tamara was the subject awards recipient for History, English, Mathematics, Science and Christian Education. Amanda Silva received the subject award for Business Studies. Subject awards are given in 6 disciplines to those students who have the highest average over a 4 year period. Lorena Morejon received the Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Leader award presented by Johann Moxam, the Chamber of Commerce President. Tamara Tanis received the Outstanding Senior Award, an award that recognizes scholarship, leadership, citizenship, loyalty, and peer and teacher rapport. Tamara also received the Ernst & Young award, presented by Chris Gauk from Ernst & Young, for outstanding academic achievement. Tamara plans to pursue a career in actuarial science and has already been accepted to the University of North Carolina.

Pastor Alson Ebanks of the Church of God Chapel – George Town presented the Creative Christian Award to Lisandra Banks, Amanda Silva and Tamara Tanis.   This award is given to students who have accepted the Lord as their personal Savior and who are living out their witness for the Lord both in and out of school. Receiving the Outstanding Student Community Service Award was Lorena Morejon and Cory Hurlston for their work with the Save Our Youth organization. The High School Visual Arts Achievement Award, sponsored by The National Gallery, was presented to Lorena Morejon. The Myles Music Achievement Award was presented to Lisandra Banks and the Triple C School PTA Scholarship Award for extra-curricular excellence went to Lorena Morejon and Lisandra Banks.

The Deputy Governor, Mr. Franz Manderson gave the Commencement address.   Mr. Manderson reflected on his own journey to where he is today, noting that he did not know what he wanted to do at 16 years old but what he did know was that he wanted to make his mother and his country proud. Mr. Manderson told the graduates that when he was watching an interview with Pharrell William, hip-hop artist and producer, with Oprah, Pharrell answered the question how did he get to where he is today, Mr. Manderson related to Pharrell’s answer. Pharrell answered by saying a lot of people conspired to get him to where he is today and this was true for Mr. Manderson and the graduates. Each parent, grandparent, teacher, pastor, family member and so many others have helped to bring them to that moment.

Mr. Manderson shared that he was promoted nine times before taking his present post. “Many people may be smarter than me, but they can’t work as hard as me,” Mr. Manderson said was one of his quotes. Mr. Manderson gave three points that the graduates should strive to achieve. First, have the desire to be the first person to work and no longer use the excuse that you are running on “Cayman time”. Second, strive to go beyond the work post you are given – strive to be your supervisor or above. Mr. Manderson’s third point was always be courteous and respectful. “Hard work and commitment pays off,” expressed Mr. Manderson.

Triple C School is very proud of the Class of 2014 and all that they have accomplished during their individual time at Triple C. Triple C School has a long and distinguished history of academic excellence in the Cayman Islands. Founded in 1941 as a mission of the Church of God Chapel, the school has grown and changed with the times as Cayman has moved from the island that time forgot to one of the world’s major financial centers. The central goal, as expressed in the Mission Statement remains: “To provide an internationally competitive education in a Christ-centered environment.” Nothing else will do as we prepare citizens for tomorrow and eternity.

Picture 1: Class of 2014

Picture 2: Tamara Tanis, Valedictorian, receiving the Ernst & Young Academic Achievement Award from Chris Gauk.

Picture 3: Lorena Morejon, Salutorian, receiving the Outstanding Leader Award from Johann Moxam, Chamber of Commerce President.

Picture 4: Lisandra Banks, Tamara Tanis, and Amanda Silva, receiving their Creative Christian Character award from Pastor Alson Ebanks.

Picture 5: Cory Hurlston and Lorena Morejon, both received the Save Our Youth (SOY) Community

Service Award from Mrs. Iris Stoner, President of SOY Foundation.

Picture 6: Lisandra Banks and Lorena Morejon receiving their Triple C PTA Scholarship Award presented by the PTA President, Carli Ebanks and the PTA Representative, Jody Powery-Gilbert

Picture 7: Commencement speaker, Hon. Franz Manderson, Deputy Governor



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