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Trinidad: Suspected pedophile grabbed after mother, pretending to be her child, invited him over

man-3_0From CNC3

A suspected pedophile was caught red-handed following a trap set by the child’s mother who pretended to be the child and invited the man over.

The woman posted on Facebook, that the man, a taxi driver, picked up her child in her school uniform and on the way to drop her off, he asked her for her number.

The man also asked the girl whether she had a WhatsApp account.

According to the mother’s account, the child said she was the only one in the car and that she was frightened so she gave the man her number.

The girl then told her mother what had happened and her mother took her phone and waited for the man to send a message.

The man sent a message asking the girl what she was wearing and if she could forward a picture to him.

man-1Posing as the child, the mother and told the man to come over to her house because “my mother is not at home”.

Pictures show the man with his hands and feet tied, with the mother saying “I was waiting”.

The man was handed over to Chaguanas police and will appear in court soon.

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