December 10, 2023

TRINIDAD: Baby drowns in bucket of urine, relatives say “poverty” is to blame

By Trinidad Express From St Lucia News Online

That was the cry of relatives of five-month-old Kydari Pacheco who drowned on Thursday in a bucket filled with urine.

The toddler was found at around 4.35a.m. head down in the plastic pail by his father, 29-year-old Kevon Pacheco.

He was pronounced dead at the Port-of-Spain General Hospital.

Police believe the child rolled off the bed and fell into the pail while his mother, Nikita Wilson, was asleep.

His father was asleep on the couch.

Pacheco told police that he woke up and went over to the bed. But his son was no there.

Pacheco said he woke his wife and asked for Kydari.

He said they turned on a lamp and saw the child in the bucket.

The family lives at Picton Road, Laventille.

Relatives said the couple had no bathroom and used the pail at nights.

During the day they would use a bathroom at Pacheco’s mother’s home nearby.

Pacheco told police that he was in the process of building a bathroom at his home.

Relatives said the couple were inconsolable since their son’s death.

The child’s parents were interviewed by investigators.

IMAGE: 2017-04-28-11_02_43-trinidad-express-newspapers_-news-_-baby-drowns-in-bucket-of-urineTRINIDAD EXPRESS – Don’t blame the child’s parents, blame poverty!

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