August 9, 2022

Trees on the pond

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900x624xThree,P20Trees-900x624.jpg.pagespeed.ic.54qa4XBM3tFrom Stuck In Customs

Buying things when you travel

If you buy stuff when you travel, do you usually send it back via mail or take it back? I’ve taken to just getting things shipped. I’m so lazy and hate to carry stuff. If it is very small, of course, I’ll take it.

I’m thinking about getting a bunch of goodies in Morocco. It seems like it will be a nice, exotic place and I hope to find some things outside of the touristy areas… I figure shipping stuff back to New Zealand will be just as hard as expensive as shipping it anywhere else!


Here’s another delicate little spot we visited during the workshop. The pond was smooth without wind, and it made for hundreds of different shots. It was absolutely worth walking around the whole thing to see what shapes presented themselves. Even though I am pretty good at envisioning what the other side of the lake looked like, I didn’t see this until I actually got into position.

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