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Transparent supply chains are the only way forward

From “Ellie Finkelstein, Freedom United”

February 25th, 2024

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Law & policy
Transparent supply chains are the only way forward for business
In an era defined by heightened awareness of environmental and social concerns, including forced labor, the corporate landscape is undergoing a profound transformation towards accountability and sustainability – whether corporations want to or not. Take action…
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Forced marriage
Ban on child marriage is not stopping forced marriage abroad
England and Wales closed the loophole on children marrying with parental consent to help end forced child marriage following Freedom United’s campaign. However new data suggests girls are not being protected due to ignorance of the law and authorities’ inconsistent responses to warning signs. The BBC spoke to Aiyesha whose parents deceived her into a trip to Pakistan, under the guise of a family holiday, to force her into marriage. Take action…
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Survivor stories
How traffickers use the “Romeo Effect” to lure victims
Nicole’s trafficker was someone she trusted and cared about who used a common tactic called the “Romeo Effect”, where the trafficker plays the role of a caring partner at the beginning of the relationship. Nicole found a way out and is telling her story to help raise awareness and help prevent others from being trafficked on Canada’s National Human Trafficking Awareness Day.
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