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Trafficked and tortured behind concrete walls

February 18th, 2024

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Forced labor
Behind concrete walls: Cambodia’s cyber slavery horrors
An industrial park in rural Cambodia is surrounded by a 10-foot-high concrete wall that is lined with barbed wire. Locals from the surrounding village say inside are trafficked Vietnamese, Malaysian, and Chinese nationals who are forced to carry out cyber scams, amongst other crimes, under threats of violence and torture.
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Forced labor
Nowhere left to hide: new evidence links Volkswagen to Uyghur forced labor
Despite warnings from Freedom United and other advocacy groups that an audit might not yield accurate findings in a situation of state-imposed forced labor, Volkswagen proceeded rather than do what the global community has been asking of all companies: cut ties with the Uyghur Region. Take action…
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Law & policy
Lawsuit denounces Canada’s migrant workers program as modern-day slavery
When Black and Brown field hands were recruited to Canada to fill labor shortages in the 1960s, a migrant worker program was established to tie workers to their specific employers. Now, a class-action lawsuit is shining a light on the “racist and discriminatory” origins of this scheme and the modern slavery conditions it fosters. Take action…
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