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Tracking the Biggest Use Cases for AI in Enterprise

From Reuters Events

ll eyes are on business leaders to capitalize on the unprecedented efficiencies and improvements that AI promises across multiple business functions. Where are the biggest opportunities right now and what industries can expect disruption in coming years? What are the best use cases for AI and which will be the most scalable?

Find out in this panel discussion video Tracking the Biggest Use Cases for AI in Enterprise and receive essential insights from:

  • Michael Chorey, Wendy’s FreshAI Product Lead, Wendy’s
  • Eugenio Zuccarelli, Data Science and AI Leader, CVS Health
  • Dave Johnson, Chief Data and AI Officer, Moderna 
  • Steve Dodson, Distinguished Engineer, Elastic
  • Moderator: Oksana Malysheva, Managing Partner, SputnikATX

Watch the panel discussion here


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