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Top Primary School Spelling Bee from Cayman Brac

The top primary school spelling bee champion for 2016 is Christon Asa Ferguson from Creek & Spot Bay Primary School in Cayman Brac.

Christon reigns victorious after defeating Deiondre Williams from Bodden Town Primary School, claimed second place. Tanis Cortens, who is home schooled, took third place in the RBS Royal Bank 19th Annual Spelling Bee Competition which was held yesterday (Thursday, 8 December).

There were almost 40 spellers, plus reserve students, vying for the top title at the event at Red Bay Holiness Church on Selkirk Drive.

A late start didn’t dampen the excitement and enthusiasm until Christon emerged in first place after correctly spelling the word guerrilla.

The event was another spectacular display of our children’s literacy skills and I am so very proud of them, and wish them the best in all their future endeavours,” said Mitzie Bailey, manager of the RBC Royal Bank Red Bay branch.

Photo captions:

Photo 7: Third place winner Tanis Cortens with Mitzie Bailey and Omari Corbin from RBS.

Photo 11: Second place winner Deiondre Williams with Mitzie Bailey and Omari Corbin from RBS.

Photo 14: First place winner Christon Asa Ferguson with Mitzie Bailey and Omari Corbin from RBS.


  1. Hey there, it’s the second-place winner here. Decided to do a little Google search and stumbled across this article… it brought back so many memories.


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