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Top 7 US Family-Friendly Vacation Beach Destinations

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As summer is starting to approach, you might be wanting to get to the beach and start enjoying that warm weather. The main thing to decide however is what beach you are planning on visiting. While you can travel outside of the country, that can be extremely expensive and not the best for your family. Instead, why don’t you look towards something local or planning a trip within the United States. There are plenty of amazing beaches and family-friendly destinations that you can visit if you are looking to get away. Here are some of the top US family-friendly vacation beach destinations that you should look to travel to.


Located in the panhandle area of Florida, Destin is a great area because it is rather quiet compared to some of the famous areas like Miami and Tampa Bay, but still have plenty of beaches for you to sit back and relax. If you are looking to fish on the beach as well, look no further than Destin Florida as it has been given the nickname, “World’s Luckiest Fishing Village”. With a ton of white beaches and a small population of 13 000 residents, you can spend some time with your family without having to worry about a thousand other people at the beach. That being said, the city is becoming more and more popular as more people travel to it. 

Due to the white beaches, the sand is never too hot on your feet and the water has a beautiful emerald reflection. There are plenty of activities for you to do while visiting Destin as well. There are plenty of water parks for your kids to splash around in and golf courses for you to play. Finally, you can charter a boat and go snorkeling or scuba diving out in the ocean. With so many things to do, there is a reason why Destin is becoming one of the most popular US beach destinations.


If you are looking to travel to a place that makes you feel like you have left the country, then Maui might be the location for you. Located in Hawaii, Maui sports beautiful beaches and is the perfect size for many tourists. While visiting, make sure you take in the culture and history surrounding Maui and Hawaii as it is rich in it. The Pacific Ocean is also known for being warmer than the Atlantic, meaning if you are looking for a nice warm dip, you should be heading out this way. While Hawaii is an expensive destination, especially if you plan on staying within the United States, it is considered to be the best beach in the country for a reason. There are plenty of activities for you and your family and everyone will stay entertained throughout the whole trip.

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The Outer Banks

The Outer Banks is a series of islands that are located just off the coast of North Carolina. Before we even talk about beaches, it is worth noting that the place is full of history as it is here where the Wright brothers took their famous first flight. This already makes it a great destination for history buffs and those who live in aviation. Looking at the beaches now, there are plenty of beaches available for you to lay down and relax on. The area is known for its fantastic fishing and windsurfing, along with having a massive amount of wildlife. If you are looking for a bit of adventure, you can grab your snorkeling or scuba gear and explore one of the 3000 shipwrecks located in the water. Next to all these beaches are several golf courses as well, giving you more activities. 

What makes these beaches so alluring is that they are mostly untouched. While it is a popular destination, tourists have not destroyed it like they have other areas of the country. The town is not overly developed as well-meaning you can get a nice small-town vibe when you are visiting. With so many beaches on the island, you can easily find your own spot for you and your family to relax as well. If you are looking to go to a beach that is slightly more north, you should consider checking out The Outer Banks.

Laguna Beach

Another extremely popular beach, Laguna is located in California and is known for its breathtaking hillsides and parks that are located along the coast. Many of the beaches are secluded as well meaning you can get away from the big city and the skylines. The beach is easy to get to as well as it is located right off the highway between San Diego and Los Angeles. Once again located on the Pacific Ocean, the beaches are full of beautiful rocky outcroppings and you will be awestruck by all the views. If you are looking for beautiful natural beaches, you might want to consider checking out Laguna Beach.

Key West

Key West, Florida is of the most southern tips of Florida and is completed surrounded by water. What makes Key West so interesting is all the people that you are going to meet while you are vacationing there. There are plenty of guided snorkeling trips for you to take and plenty of residents will want to take you out to show you the town. It gives off a true small town vibe and is great if you and your family want to meet some new people while vacationing around. If you want a trip that is sure to be memorable and interesting, you should go to Key West and lounge on their beaches.

These are all great US family-friendly vacation destinations if you are looking for a beach and something else to do. Always consider your budget when you are choosing a vacation as you don’t want to pick something that you can’t afford. Along with that, don’t forget to bring a lot of sunscreen and water while you are on the beach. Other than that, get ready to lay back and enjoy the weather, the water, and the beautiful and on beaches. Where do you plan on visiting within the United States?


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