July 31, 2021

Toddler shot in head whilst he sleeps

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San-Pedro-Police-StationBy Renee Trujillo From LoveFM

Residents of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye are in shock at the news of the death of a two year old boy following a shooting incident that occurred on the island last night. We spoke to the Officer Commanding the San Pedro Police Station, Superintendent Luis Castellanos for the details surrounding this shooting incident.


“At 1:40am, we received information of shots being fired in the San Pedrito Area. As a result of that, we visited the area or we visited the residence of Rolando Espat, 46-year-old fisherman of the San Pedrito Area. However, upon arrival there, we learnt that the victims had already been taken to the San Pedro Polyclinic. So, we diverted our attention and went to the clinic and there we saw the doctors on duty attending to the two year old baby boy, who apparently had gunshot injuries to the head. Shortly afterwards, the doctor on duty informed us that the baby had passed away and we learnt his name to be Daniel Espat. Also at the clinic we met Aleida Sandoval, 33-year-old Belizean housewife of the San Pedrito Area who was also suffering from what appeared to be gunshot injuries to her left hand and the doctor on duty also informed us that apparently the round has lodged in her back. We returned to the crime scene where we found that the door of the apartment had several bullet holes and on the scene we found five slugs and one expended shell. So far, we are investigating the case.”

While Sandoval is listed as critical but stable, investigators are yet to ascertain the motive behind the shooting incident.


“We are trying to find what the motive is; at first, Renee, we were looking at the angle, if you remember, they were some shots fired there and we had the problem with Kareem Eagan but we had addressed that problem there when we had applied to the court for Mr. Eagan to be removed from the area and he could not be within five hundred yards of the residence. However, we don’t know if this is the result of retaliation and of that shooting and so, we are still investigation. We don’t have a clear motive as to why this shooting now. Mr. Espat has been informing us and indicating to us that this is the result of a fight that occurred with Kareem Eagan and some other persons but so far, like I said, we are still investigating and we are trying to verify what he is telling us.”

Love News understands that police’s preliminary investigations have revealed that the father, Rolando Espat may have been the gunman’s target. Castellanos mentioned that the parents and the toddler were all asleep when the shots were fired at the apartment building.

IMAGE: San Pedro Police Station

For more on this story go to: http://lovefm.com/toddler-shot-in-head-whilst-he-sleeps/

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