December 10, 2023

Time for revenge

(L-R) Thaigo Cunha, Carl Brown, Luigi Hernandez and Jedd Ebanks

There is nothing to stop the Caymanian’s from seeking revenge against Suriname.

At their pre-match press briefing, representatives and players of the Cayman Island’s National Senior Men’s Football team made it abundantly clear that they are ready for tonight’s match.

Technical Director and Head Coach, Carl Brown, says that despite less than ideal situations in the football camp, his men are ready to defend their territory against the Surinamese.

Mr. Brown says he is not just confident that the Caymanians can put up a better show against the visitors, but wants to make it clear that if he receives the right support from the players, the Cayman Islands can become a real serious force in the Caribbean.

Mr. Brown said: “I have no doubt that we have enough quality here in the Cayman Islands to become a force to reckon with in Caribbean football.”

Caymanian Center Back, Luigi Hernandez, is also very optimistic about the team’s chances.

Luigi said: “I feel confident as usual.

“Our preparations going into the game could be a whole lot better, but I expect us to still have a good result from this match.

“There are four games left to go, we have to give it our all and go all out in the remaining matches.”

“Playing in front of our home crowd will still be an advantage to us, even though we lost to El Salvador at home.”

Like coach Carl Brown, Hernandez expressed concern about the level of commitment displayed by some of his teammates, but believes that the injection of some fresh players into the squad will have a positive effect.

The team’s fitness trainer, assistant coach, Thiago Cunha, gives the team approval, but says the team would benefit more from physical preparation and conditioning if more of the players availed themselves for training.

Mr. Cunha said: “It is difficult for the training to work if the players are not present.

“I am sure that these players are ready to go, but the entire squad is not usually available for their physical training.

“If you have some players turning up for training only once a week then there is really nothing you can do for their physical fitness.”



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