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Thugs target the elderly

Editor: Colin Wilson

Have you noticed a common theme in our news stories lately? It is something so abhorrent it makes my stomach turn over with nausea. The thugs living in our midst. The scumbags of our society. The ones some of you are protecting. Their targets are the elderly.

At one time there was a ‘code of conduct’ even with the most brutal of criminals. They never targetted elderly people. If they did and went to prison for it they would have a terrible time there. Their lives wouldn’t be worth living. If they had attacked an elderly person, especially a woman, they would be ‘snitched’ on or ‘grassed’. It means other criminals would inform the police on them. That code is dying today as more violence rains down upon a society that is supposedly better educated.

Our headline on Tuesday (23) “Mean Streets” carried the subtitle – “Terrified granny says it was just like the movies.” Eunice Seymour, 70 years old, was robbed by a thug who pointed a gun at her and fired a shot through the ceiling of the shop she was working at. What a coward! Did he think she was going to give him a karate kick in the stomach or better still in his head? She would come leaping across the counter at him fists flying? She had a loaded shotgun stashed away out of sight? Come on now – there is an amnesty in place and all law abiding citizens with illegal guns would have handed them in by now! This specimen of low life couldn’t have thought that! But he is a ‘big shot’. He is ‘THE MAN!’ He’s going to get his thrill by terrifying almost to death a woman of 70! And he has no worries. The Cayman society – his relations and friends – look up to him so much they will protect him.

57 Year old grandmother, Meddie Connor, was shot twice last July during another senseless armed robbery. This low life who committed this act – this pillar of the criminal society is still at large. His own element, his own group of friends, his relations all think he’s a good guy. Another ‘The Man’. He terrorises elderly people with a gun. Shoots them twice. He is to be looked up to. No one is going to grass on HIM!

Now do you see why it makes me feel so sick?


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