April 23, 2021

This restaurant’s egg-themed ‘pun’ is so hilariously, head-scratchingly bad

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BY SAM HAYSOM From Mashable

Most adverts are largely terrible, but every now and then a piece of marketing comes along that just absolutely hits the nail on the head.

Well step aside, inferior breakfast venues, because Lenwich restaurant has only gone and come up with the pun to end all puns:

Asher Perlman
Okay I don’t always like puns but this one got me good!

Yep: “Egg Morning”. Perhaps the most beautiful example of the “so bad/meaningless/confusing it’s actually good” pun ever put into practice.

Nobody on Twitter knew quite what to make of it.

Replying to @asherperlman
what does that even mean?

Dan Barra-Berger
Replying to @asherperlman
“How’s it going?”
“Egg, you?”

couldve went for “eggsellent morning” or “eggciting morning” or witever but naw egg morning hahahahahahhahaha https://twitter.com/asherperlman/status/963454469785649152 …

Others, meanwhile, were reminded of similarly brilliant campaigns.

Sophie Boudreau
Replying to @asherperlman
Reminds me of the pretzel place near my house that uses the slogan “Have A Pretzel Day!”

bored lemon
THIS IS LIKE MERRY PRINGLES https://twitter.com/asherperlman/status/963454469785649152 …

Zach Mander
So we’re thinking either Pringle Bells, Kris Pringle, or Pringles all the Way?

Nah I’ve got a better idea.


Hope you eggjoyed, eggeryone.

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