September 24, 2020

This mouse can read and translate documents, possibly using black magic


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By Maren Estrada From BGR

The Zcan Wireless Scanner Mouse certainly doesn’t look like anything special, but looks can be deceiving. This thing is seriously cool. Most of the time, it’s a normal wireless mouse that seems just like any other mouse. But the Zcan is hiding a built-in scanner that can read any document you place underneath it with a simple swipe. The accompanying software can also digitize text and even translate it on the fly. Seriously, this thing is a fantastic tool that’s way more useful than you know.

Here are some highlights from the product page:

  • Wireless Scanner Mouse and Scan Pad Set. Scan printed text from books, magazines, newspaper and editable right away on MS Word document
  • Easy to use, swipe to scan, supporting 199 languages. Scan to Speech and Scan to Translate instantly on iPhone and iPad
  • Scan table, spreadsheet and direct editing in each individual cell in Excel. Share on facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and email instantly
  • OCR identifies foreign languages. Use google translate in software for instant translations. Mac or . Internal/External WiFi is required.
  • optimize scan quality with the transparent film. It helps to scan document, receipts, photo, business card, scrap pieces of paper without damaging the original surface. Prefect tool for scanning receipts and old photos. Digitalize and organize receipts for tax filing

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