October 26, 2020

This dilapidated villa once served as a Caribbean getaway for drug-kingpin Pablo Escobar


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escobar-built-a-massive-waterfront-villa-on-the-largest-of-the-cluster-islands-isla-grande escobar-villa located-22-miles-from-colombias-port-city-of-cartagena-are-the-27-small-coral-islands-that-makeup-the-islas-del-rosarioBy Amanda Macias from Business Insider

The “King of Cocaine” was the son of a poor Colombian farmer, but by the time he was 35, he was one of the world’s wealthiest men, earning $420 million a week in revenue.

At the peak of his power, infamous MedellĂ­n cartel boss , the original “,” supplied 80% of the global cocaine market and owned a number of ostentatious properties.

Here’s a look at his abandoned island compound in the Caribbean.

All photos republished with permission from Stefaan Beernaert.


Located 22 miles from Colombia’s port city of Cartagena are the 27 small coral islands that makeup the Islas del Rosario. Google Maps/Amanda Macias/Business Insider Source: Lonely Planet

Escobar built a massive waterfront villa on the largest of the cluster islands, .

Juxtaposed with Escobar’s mansion are the approximately 800 islanders on Isla Grande who sustain themselves by fishing and farming.

Source: Atlas Obscura

For more on this story go to: http://www.businessinsider.com/caribbean-getaway-drug-kingpin-pablo-escobar-2016-11/#juxtaposed-with-escobars-mansion-are-the-approximately-800-islanders-on-isla-grande-who-sustain-themselves-by-fishing-and-farming-3

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