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They dropped Jimmy Savile’s gravestone into a skip

1080By Ben Hamilton From The Copenhagen Post

When Dennis Rodman comes to write his memoirs, he will recall how he has tussled with some of the most feared individuals of our times: Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Kim Jong-un, Madonna, and in the British Big Brother house in 2006: Jimmy Savile.

In all fairness to the Leeds-born, marathon-running former DJ, TV presenter and fund raiser, who after his death was revealed to be one of the country’s biggest ever sex abusers, the 201cm tall Rodman wasn’t his type.

Before he became famous and women wouldn’t give him the time of the day because of his likeness to a goblin, it was strictly corpses (mortuary at Stoke Mandeville Hospital), and only afterwards, when they knew he could introduce them to the Beatles, young girls (any children’s wing or the set of the long-running music show Top of the Pops) – institutionalised or hospitalised and prepubescent if possible.

Entwined in the story of this sick paedophile’s 50-odd years of abuse is the realisation that many, many people involved in his career knew and tolerated his secret because he made them money. And most of them worked for the BBC, the media, hospitals or charities.

A couple of minutes into Exposure: The other side of Jimmy Saville, we’re reminded of an interview he did in 2000 with journalist Louis Theroux in which he was asked about tabloid speculation that he might be a paedophile. “How do they know whether I am or not … I know I’m not,” he tells Theroux as an eerie silence ensues.

Ten years earlier, in an interview with Q magazine, Savile said: “Some people get hold of the fact that Jim likes looking after cadavers and say: ‘Aha, Jim’s a necrophiliac!’ I’m not a necrophiliac”.

Not sure who is looking after Savile’s. In October 2012, his relatives destroyed his headstone and dropped the remains in a landfill. So his grave is unmarked – just like his criminal record.

PHOTO: Good riddance: he spun records for a living and bullshit to live a vile life of deceit, and they dropped his gravestone into a skip (photo credit: Wikimedia)

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Police blacked out talk of Jimmy Savile’s Princess pal

jimmy-savile-sir-ogilvy-363573By Jonathan Cooke From Daily Star UK

POLICE covered up Jimmy Savile’s claims to be a friend of the Queen’s cousin and how he made his first outing to his victims’ school with her.

Last January an internal police report revealed how the paedophile told them in 2009 that the “first time” he went to the school was “with Princess Alexandria (sic) for a garden party”.

But when the interview transcripts were released in October there was no mention of the royal.

Now, following an appeal by us to the Information Commissioner’s Office, Surrey Police have released fresh transcripts revealing at least four mentions.

They show how Savile considered Princess “Alex” a “friend” when he first visited an approved school where he abused girls.

According to the new scripts Savile, then 82, told the two female detectives: “…right I went there, with Princess Alexandra, and Alex was a friend of mine anyway, still is.”

He went on to say: “Now that was a great day we all had, the first time I ever went there.”

princess Alex:OgilveyThe ex-Top Of The Pops presenter went on to claim his visits to Duncroft school in Staines, Surrey, became what he called “an annual”.

In the heavily blacked out text he is shown to have made at least two further references to Alexandra – the youngest granddaughter of King George V and Queen Mary.

After the mentions, one of the two female detectives questioning Savile over three alleged sex assaults, two related to Duncroft, asked: “Do you remember what year that was?” The former radio DJ, who denied all the claims against him, later claimed “it would be the seventies”.

One of the detectives made reference to the now 77-year-old princess, the widow of Sir Angus Ogilvy, when checking what Savile had said.

Sir JimmyHowever it seems that after the interview on October 1, 2009, police failed to cross-check the mentions against Savile’s autobiographies.

Documents show that in January 2009 a prosecutor requested that all Savile’s books be read “to see if there was any mention of an association with Duncroft’s.”

An internal Surrey Police report on the force’s bungled “Operation Ornament” probe into Savile says: “This was duly done but there were no references identified that were of any connection to the investigation.”

But if, after Savile’s interview, police had re-read the books to look for mentions of the princess they would have found suggestions he had preyed on vulnerable girls.

In his 1974 life story Savile wrote: “Princess Alex is a patron of a hostel for girls in care. At this place I’m a cross between a term-time boyfriend and a fixer of special trips out.”

Buckingham Palace declined to comment last week.

Last night Surrey Police said: “Information relating to Surrey Police’s on-going investigation into Duncroft School and all personal details of victims or potential witnesses were redacted from the transcripts.

“Following a review by the Information Commissioner’s Office, some of the redactions have been shortened or revised.

“This included releasing the name of Princess Alexandra. Her name had been previously published by Surrey Police in a report in January last year and was therefore already in the public domain.

“Savile’s biographies were reviewed in 2009 as part of the investigation, as stated in our previous published report.”


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