July 29, 2021

The Wine Detectives: A trip to Grand Cayman and Seven Fathoms Rum

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h20b7sc7sc8dqfgd6v45kg4m64rn7bmBy TOM MINNERICK From Kane County Chronicle

On a recent vacation to Grand Cayman, I was talking with several restauranteurs about what was going on regarding new trends in wine and spirits on the islands. Many of them told me about this new rum that was rapidly becoming popular among tourists in George Town. It seems they were fascinated with Seven Fathoms Rum.

Of course, after a few great meals (what’s a vacations for anyway!), I had to go see for myself what the hoopla was all about. I made an appointment with the local distillery for a tour and explanation about the growing popularity of Seven Fathoms Rum.

Walker Romanica, one of the owners, gave me a tour of the distillery and explained how the rum was made. The distillery was clean as a whistle, very modern and expanding. He stressed that the rum was 80 proof and made only in the Caymans in small batches. To add unique characteristics and complexity, the rum is aged in barrels 42 feet underwater – hence the name Seven Fathoms Rum.

I tasted the rum, and it did have great depth of flavor and was smooth, even for a wine drinker like me. I also did this last because, in the Caymans, you have to drive on the left side of the road!

The next day my wife and some friends from Indianapolis had lunch at The Lighthouse at Breakers (one of our favorite spots), where we enjoyed food, wine and Seven Fathoms Rum.

Tom Minnerick is an Elgin resident who has spent 35 years working in the wine industry. “The Wine Detectives” column will run sporadically in the Kane County Chronicle over the next few months. Feedback can be sent to [email protected]le.com.

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