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“The Sacrifice” Easter Cantata

DSC_0218aOn Sunday 20 March, Savannah United Church Sanctuary Choir presented their Easter Cantata “The Sacrifice”. The service was inspiring and the music and singing were wonderful. The Cantata included a narrator and monologues from Caiaphas, Pilate, Mary, Mary Magdalene, Peter and a Centurion.

The Cantata commenced with an Instrumental Fanfare by young brothers Adam and Matthew. The Young Voices in Praise Group, a violin performance by Nayil and Ian, the Men’s Quintet, solos by Abigail and Aidan, a moving dance by Renita and a beautifully choreographed dance routine from her dance group all added to the enjoyment.

Credit goes to all those behind the scenes: musicians, technicians, set decorators, and dance instructors.

A special mention must go to Ms. Kimia for leading the Young Voices in Praise Group as well as being a member of the choir and of course, the person behind the whole production, Music Director, Noel Wallace.

If you did not attend this performance, plan to attend the Christmas Cantata. It will be worth it.

Photos: Andrew McGaw


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