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The rise in senior cannabis usage

From WN
Once seen as a drug for youngsters and hippies, the profile around those who take cannabis today has changed incredibly. While some people who smoked it at a younger age never gave it up, there are many figures that point to an increasingly high number of first—time users who are in their senior years. As people begin to grow weary of relying on expensive and inconsistent medical care through pharmaceuticals, returning to ‘original’ medicine has become the order of the day for people who suffer from various health conditions and issues.
From hitting up using a vaporizer to interacting with products containing CBD for better health and happiness, seniors are finding more uses for cannabis than ever before. While at one stage it was derided as something you either smoked in a cigarette or ate in a cookie, it’s true that the safer and less scathing stereotypes about cannabis usage have – thankfully – begin to die out. As they do, many people are showing that a preference for marijuana in seniors is the end result.
It’s not just the cool kids smoking marijuana anymore: it’s their grandparents as well!
The Quest for Eternal Youth
While some people will see this increase in usage as a bid to help ‘stay young’ in terms of culture, it’s actually from a medical point of view. As people learn more about the medicinal qualities of marijuana and look beyond the ‘stoned nation’ stereotype that has lingered for years, seniors suffering with everything from cataracts to cancer are turning to marijuana in a bid to lessen their symptoms or at least give themselves some extra peace at night.
Indeed, even people who were once enemies of the cannabis community have joined their side. Take Sue Taylor, an ex-High School Principal who was tough on drugs. After her son got into the marijuana industry, though, she was able to learn about the good side of the plant rather than the dark side that has been promoted for generations.
Now? Taylor uses it back at home. She uses a gummi-like textured home-made product to help ensure she can get a better sleep at night and enjoy her golden years. Many more are like her, too: the idea that cannabis usage is only on the rise because people want to zone out and “gouch” in front of the TV is an unfair one: people are using it for the health factors as much as anything else.
With more proof than ever that marijuana is a wonderful manager of pain and various other medical conditions that we struggle to find conventional solutions for, it’s no surprise that seniors are turning to the product. Given the current “stand-off” regarding health care in the United States, too, it’s understandable to see many seniors give up on trying to pay incredible premiums and instead find an affordable solution to management instead.


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