July 4, 2022


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On Sunday, 25 November, police facilitated the “Ride Out Cayman” motorbike event that comprised of both a procession around Grand Cayman and a skills session on a closed road in West Bay. Just under forty street-legal motorbikes participated in the procession around Grand Cayman, which was escorted by police and managed through police checkpoints at scattered locations along the route.

The procession started from the Esso Gas Station in Industrial Park in George Town at around 12:30PM, and travelled along the scheduled route out to the Eastern Districts and back through George Town to West Bay. Participants did a loop around the West Bay district before arriving at the closed road between Willie Farrington Drive and Esterley Tibbetts Highway, where a skills session for off-road bikes had been ongoing since 12PM. The “ride out” concluded without any injury or incident.

The skills session continued on the closed road until 6PM. All bikers were required to wear helmets during both the procession and the skills session, and this rule was strictly enforced. Members of the public came out in large numbers to watch the bikers perform and show support for the event.

The entire event proceeded safely and legally, with only an isolated instance where police were required to halt biking activity. At the conclusion of the day, at around 5:45PM, a man was arrested for riding his street bike on the public road (outside the event) while disqualified.  He also did not have proper licensing or insurance for the bike. He was taken into custody and later bailed.

Derek Byrne, Commissioner of Police, said, “It was clear yesterday that those who participated in the Ride Out simply wished to have a safe and legal event where they could gather, ride their bikes together and showcase their skills.”

Acting Police Inspector Roje Williams, who coordinated the police facilitation of the event, states “I was very impressed with the group that turned out yesterday. They followed the rules and proved that we can all work together to create a safe environment for groups to be able to express and enjoy themselves without violating the law. Everyone was respectful towards us. It was a lot of hard work for both sides to put it all together, but in the end it was worth it.”

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