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Joan head NEWMy eldest sister EULENE – you will never be forgotten

Today (April 18th) is the anniversary of my dearest sister, Eulene.

Eulene-2-1zShe was born in 1919 and died on August 4th 2000.

Eulene was the “boss” and she never married even though she had many offers and admirers.

Eulene was a wonderful and elegant dancer and she rode her bicycle everywhere, even though she had a car.

Her first love was gardening and she was an extraordinary seamstress. She only had to look at a piece of embroidery, no matter how intricate, and she would copy it to perfection.

She was the Cayman Islands very first bank manager and she also worked at the Public Library.

Eulene-aEulene was a Women’s Fellowship member, Elmslie Church and choir member, and every Sunday she would decorate the choir and minister’s area, including pulpit, with flowers.

Helen and myself (Joan) are the only surviving members of a very large family.

We love you Eulene and you will never be forgotten.


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