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The Publisher speaks: Buy Caymanian

From Joan Wilson

Joan E. Wilson

This is something I always tried to do and not order on line from Amazon or get on a plane and go to Miami.

Now, as I am much older I have to buy here. When I was flipping through the pages of my Book “Buried Treasure” I found a poem I had written on this subject and I know Colin has never published it here on iNews Cayman.

So here it is and note it was written when I was much, much younger.


By Joan (Watler) Wilson

Buy Caymanian is what they say 
But let me tell you what happened the other day 
When I was mowing my lawn you see 
The wheel broke off and nearly killed me. 

I jumped in my car and to the shop I did drive 
Going very carefully, I was glad to be alive 
For that lawn mower was going so fast 
When the wheel fell off I fell in the grass. 

There's no speed limit on these mowers so we 
Just open the throttle and let it run free 
Well, I got to the shop where the mower was bought 
Got a man to serve me and the wheel was sought. 

The wheel he produced was all he had 
I took one look at it and said this is sad 
For the wheel I needed was made of plastic 
And this one is of steel and probably won't fit it. 

"But if it fits your mower madam 
You won't need a plastic wheel 
You can have it on approval 
I trust we have a deal 
So take it home and try it madam. 

It's all we have in stock 
You'll find no better value than what's here in this shop". 
I took the wheel home as the man suggested 
But it didn't fit so I angrily insisted 

That what my mower needed was just a plastic wheel 
And not one weighing a ton and made of heavy steel. 
It was only then I heard the shopkeeper say 
"Perhaps, just perhaps we can get one from the USA" 

Now I ask you folks to take a stand 
Is this really good enough for us in Cayman 
Shopping local will save us a trip to start 
But please, oh please shopkeeper try and stock the part! 


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