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The program every writer should have…

From International Screenwriters’ Association

Why struggle to find the right word when you can have all the possibilities in an instant?
MasterWriter is a powerful collection of writing tools, reference and organization assembled in one easy-to-use program. Our Word Families dictionary is like having a thesaurus on steroids. Looking for a more creative way to describe a hot sun? A Thesaurus will give you burning, blazing, scorching, torrid, etc. Word Families doesn’t stop there, it will give you an angry, punishing, glaring, merciless, fierce or unforgiving sun. You can replace beautiful with words like breathtaking, flawless, unforgettable and dazzling.

Word Families is just one of the many useful tools you will find in MasterWriter. Also included are Phrases, Synonyms, Rhymes, Definitions, Metaphors, Similes, Onomatopoeia, Idioms, Oxymorons, Allusions, Alliterations, a searchable Bible, Pop Culture, Intensifiers (a unique collection of intense descriptive words) and more.

While a computer program cannot compete with the mind and imagination of a writer, the mind cannot compete with the word choices that MasterWriter will give you in an instant.
When the two work together, great things happen…
An Exclusive Offer to ISA Subscribers
Monthly Price: $9.95.  Sale Price: $7.95.
1–Year License Price: $99.95.  Sale Price: $59.95.
2–Year License Price: $149.95.  Sale Price: $89.95.
(As little as $3.75 a month and all upgrades are included)



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