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The most innovative startup of the year! TOKHIT, the first social network based on gaming and blockchain, revalued at $ 155 million. How to “token” brands and pay users for the content they create


Get ready for 22.02.2022! Total freedom of expression, automated financial rewards for users, investments in unique digital creations, NFTs, the absence of advertisements and, at the same time, a new infrastructure for creative collaborations with brands: this is the vision of Social Media with which TOKHITfounders, CEO Andrei Ureche and Cristian Voaideș, attracted the attention of the whole world.

Revalued by Venture Capital to $ 155 million, TOKHIT is,without a doubt, the most anticipated digital product of the moment. In its pre-sale phase, TOKHIT convinced a lot of investors from all continents to take advantage of the chance to buy HITT tokens as a great investment opportunity. Dozens of them had a unique experience in Dubai, in September 2021, during an exclusive event, where they met the entrepreneurs Andrei Ureche and Cristian Voaideș, and spent time with hundreds of influencers from all over the world who came to learnmore about TOKHIT, the Social Network of the future. The official launch date of the application was alsoannounced at this event: 22.02.2022.

The innovative product that combines the benefits of blockchain technology with creativity and financial freedom is proving to be a resounding success – TOKHIT has managed to spark interesting discussions among content creators, and the hashtag #Tokhit has already surpassed 10.2 million views.

“A new era of communication, much more accessible and creative for content creators, brands or Social Media users, this is followed by the launch of TOKHIT. We try to listen to the needs of the public, so we will offer, through this platform, an algorithm that does not impose limitations, in a social network without advertising. We democratize access to resources, we give back power to users. We will reward them for their creativity, we will give them all the tools to express themselves, to have fun, to communicate. TOKHIT will be a change of perspective for both content creators and also for brands, who will have the opportunity to interact with their audience in a more creative way than ever before, ”said Andrei Ureche (Vandy), the project’s founder.

Innovations and benefits TOKHIT, the social network of the future

The app is a self-contained universe, a plan in which creators and users can use HITT Tokens to buy, sell, and trade NFTs, to unlock premium content, and more. They will be able to build 100% communities organically, as TOKHIT does not have an advertising based businessmodel.

The innovation is doubled by the fact that, through their activity in TOKHIT, content creators can automatically receive Diamond Coins that turn into real money, if they create quality content. This is done through an objective assessment based on Artificial Intelligence that takes into account, among other things, the interaction of other users with the content.

Another benefit for users is the ability to make secure payments to any merchant using the HITT cryptocurrency, which instantly converts to the current exchange rate. This is possible through the wallet that TOKHIT contains.

Gaming, gamification and NFTs, all in a SOCIALIZE, PLAY & EARN Concept

Games are part of the TOKHIT universe, and interacting with them, as well as other users, becomes a constructive way to spend time.

Every user can use TOKHIT to invest, buy, and sellcollectibles and digital assets, to make money fast or long term, with the help of NFT Technology and the Web 3.0 Revolution.

Last but not least, TOKHIT launches the next generation of Emojis: AirHugs. Following the situation caused by the pandemic, TOKHIT offers the possibility to send digital hugs to friends, fans and celebrities. Each AirHug is unique, to create a more personal gesture, and their number is limited.

Confidentiality and data security are essential to TOKHIT architecture. TOKHIT is a secure platform, in which users have the power, through the concept of decentralization with which blockchain technology came on the market.

TOKHIT is a unique and innovative product where users will be able to Socialize, Play and at the same time earn money from what they love to do.


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