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The IPBC pledge to promote gender equality within the world of IP


The IP deal-making world has always been dominated by men, but times are finally changing. Nowadays there are many initiatives to improve gender equality within the world of IP and here at IAM we believe we must play our part as well.

It is easy to talk about the importance of diversity, but things only change if action is taken, so we now make this pledge: there will be no panel in any session at the next IPBC Global, taking place in Boston from 16 to 18 June 2019, without a woman as a member – and there will never be another all-male panel at any IPBC Global at any time in the future.

Within the next five years our aim is to ensure an equal balance of men and women in every session of every event that we organise, and we want you to hold us to that.

In Boston, we are doing more than just ensuring that women’s voices are heard in every IPBC Global session; we are also holding a plenary that will specifically focus on how to get more women involved in IP deal making.

We believe that gender diversity is not only a good in itself, but also a way to enhance business performance. It is time for the patent market to embrace that.

This discussion will bring together a group of women who have made it to the top in IP to detail:

  • The advantages of gender diversity
  • How to successfully bring more women into deal making
  • Key programmes that are making a difference

Leading this discussion will be:

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