April 8, 2020

The importance of prayer


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From Dr. James Dobson’s family talk

Dr. James Dobson Discusses the Importance of Prayer with Sarah Perry

This is a rush transcript and may contain minor errors and/or discrepancies from the audio. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.Sarah Perry: We look forward to the National Day of Prayer this coming Thursday, May 2nd. I am more than a little excited to talk to my next guest. Who, though he doesn’t really need an introduction, I’m going to give one anyway because his CV is quite impressive. In addition to hosting Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk on 1200 stations, he is the author of more than 30 books dedicated to the preservation of the family, including The New Dare to Discipline, The New Strong-Willed Child, Marriage Under Fire, one of my favorites, Bringing up Boys, Bringing Up Girls, and most recently, Your Legacy: The Greatest Gift. Dr. Dobson’s been active in governmental affairs and has advised five U.S. presidents. He earns his PhD from the University of Southern California in the child development field. He is married to Shirley and they have two grown children and two grandchildren. The Dobsons reside in Colorado Springs and I am joined now by Dr. Dobson. Welcome to Washington Watch.

Dr. Dobson: Thank you Sarah, that was a wonderful introduction, I appreciate it.

Sarah Perry: Well I am, as a mom, very excited to be talking to you. So, I want to talk today about the National Day of Prayer. On March 5th, so just a few weeks ago, the Barna Group released a report entitled “What Makes for a Spiritually Vibrant Household?” And they listed three keys: spiritual practices, defined as praying every day or two, reading the Bible weekly. Spiritual conversations, defined as talking about God and faith weekly. And hospitality, which is a welcoming environment for non-family guests. So, as a father and grandfather, this is what I would like to know: what has worked in your home related to prayer, as a family that is more than the, “Thanks God for the food,” which I sometimes get from my kids.

Dr. Dobson: Well the things that Barna I guess just enumerated are outstanding and I wish all of us lived up to that in all regards. I would add to it, the ultimate priority for those who are parents is the instruction in what it means to love Jesus and know Him and be a Christian. You know, it changes as the years go by, but that’s job one. That’s, more than anything else, is our responsibility to get those kids to heaven. And if you doubt that, look at the sixth chapter of Deuteronomy where the children of Israel were about to enter the promised land and Moses was about to die. And he gave his last speech. And when a person says what’s on his mind for the last time, it’s important and you know he has given priority to it. And he puts the emphasis in that chapter on conveying to our children what we believe and where we’ve been and what God has done for us. And that is really the theme of my book, Legacy, because everything else matters, but that matters most.

Sarah Perry: So, the theme this year, for the National Day of Prayer, is taken from John 13:34, which says, “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another as I have loved you, and that you also love one another.” So, we are a divided nation. You know this, you have advised presidents and you understand government affairs. We are so divided. How do we best live out the commandment of John 13:34?

Dr. Dobson: That’s such an important question, Sarah. And I appreciate you bringing it up because we are a divided nation. In some ways it feels to me, from my reading of history, almost like the division that occurred in the Civil War, where there’s something akin to hatred for our fellow man and those around us. And it led to 600,000 deaths. That kind of conflict and that kind of animus between people can lead to violence. And we’re not far off that right now. There’s conflict everywhere. Men against women, and women against men. Men are called toxic. That’s toxic masculinity today. You divide the home right down the middle and you do have problems. And then of course, there’s conflict between Americans and, every form of conflict. I believe the most basic conflict is over spirituality and over the Christian faith. It is hated in some corners and there is a war to destroy Christian Americans. So, we do need prayer for tolerance for each other and love for each other, but also for us to learn to live together. Because that’s becoming more and more difficult.

Sarah Perry: So, Dr. Dobson, if you would be so kind in this minute that we have left, would you lead us in a moment of prayer for the nation? 

Dr. Dobson: I would appreciate that, glad to do so. Heavenly Father we come to you because we really don’t have any other answers. We’ve tried all of our own solutions and it really comes back to the fact that You’re the God of the universe and You love us and You care for us and You’ve given a book to tell us how to lead and how to live. And we have not done very well with that. I just ask for Your blessing to fall upon this nation and on the National Day of Prayer which is coming up, hear the cries of Your people. And I pray that You will bring a spirit of repentance and love and acceptance. And we bring especially to You the next generation, which is being twisted and warped. I know that our time I short, but Lord, I just want to thank You for the very privilege of living in a nation where we can gather to pray. And we do so now.

Listen to their heartwarming and inspiring conversation.

May 2 is the National Day of Prayer

Please join us along with millions of others, on our knees as we pray for our great nation.

Watch the National Day of Prayer Livestream at 7:30 PM EDT on Thursday, May 2.

We thank God for you and your family, and may He continue to bless this country.

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