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The IAEA will assist Panama in the field of nuclear security during the visit of Pope Francis on the occasion of the World Youth Day

Vienna (Austria) – The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the Government of Panama have signed an agreement to strengthen measures of nuclear security on the occasion of World Youth Day 2019, an event of weeklong for young Catholics who are scheduled to attend Pope Francisco.

Juan Carlos Lentijo, Deputy Director of the IAEA, and Jonattan del Rosario, Vice Minister of Public Security of Panama, signed at the headquarters of the IAEA on 16 November 2017 the practical arrangements under which the terms of the cooperation are set. The Agency will assist Panama through technical meetings, workshops, training and provision of equipment for detecting radiation in order to strengthen security during the event which will take place in January 2019.

“All countries need a nuclear security systems robust and efficient, and it is especially necessary to take precautions to accommodate large public events. The IAEA has solid experience in providing support upon request “, said Mr Lentijo, Head of the Department of Nuclear Safety and Security IAEA. “The World Youth Day is a good opportunity to promote nuclear security not only in Panama, but in Central America as a whole.”

While nuclear security is a national responsibility, the IAEA is the global platform through which countries cooperate to prevent malicious use of nuclear and other radioactive materials. IAEA Member States gives practical assistance, expert advice, training and equipment.

“Panama will get for free more than 150 laptops identification and detection of radiation that will be placed at our disposal by the IAEA to be used at different border control points and strategies to ensure the security of the Panamanian population areas and hundreds of thousands of visitors will receive during the Pope’s visit in 2019, “said Mr. Del Rosario.

The World Youth Day is an international celebration aimed at young Catholics held every two or three years. According to organizers, the pope traditionally presides over an evening vigil before a Mass on the last day of the event. Approximately three million people attended the last World Youth Day held in 2016 in the Polish city of Krakow.
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