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The extreme security measures taken at “America’s Safest School”

BY RAIN NOE From Core77

In the 1950s, American schoolchildren were shown a training film called “Duck and Cover.” Fear of a Soviet nuclear attack meant that students had to practice air raid drills.

Times have changed and the air raid drills are long gone. Where schools once worried about us being killed by them, now the fear is of us being killed by us. Thus at schools like Southwestern High in Hanover, Indiana, mass shooter drills are the norm.

NBC calls it “America’s Safest School,” but it’s unclear if that’s hyperbole or documented fact. Or a marker of financial wealth; how many schools in America can afford the $400,000 that Southwestern reportedly spent on their security measures? What does that work out to, per student?

The sight of schoolkids huddled in the corner holding textbooks titled “The American Journey” in front of their faces is a sad one. Textbooks hold knowledge that is meant to educate people. They cannot stop ordinary bullets, let alone high-velocity rounds like the ones fired at the recent Parkland shooting. Yet this is where we’re at.

Imagine telling the 1950s-era Soviet leaders that all they had to do was wait patiently, and eventually we Americans would begin turning on each other with both weapons and politics. They would have called it too good to be true.

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